Finding the Perfect Fit for Skinny Teen Boys with Kore Essentials

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When Victoria told me Kore Essentials was sending me two belts for my guys, I quickly corrected her and explained that there was NO WAY the belts would fit my skinny kid! I have the worst time trying to get pants and belts to fit my boy.  Everyone tells me “Just find pants that fit close enough and give him a great belt”… sure! But I can’t find one of those either!

Correction. I couldn’t find one.

Before about a week ago, I had never heard of Kore Essentials.  But, I’m so grateful my wonderful friend introduced me to them because IT FITS!

My son is the skinniest kid I’ve ever had to dress.  Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is teenie tiny, but Jake is tall and skinny and it makes it hard to find a belt to hold up pants that are too big.  We’ve went everywhere we can think of to find a belt for him, and either they are just too small from the children’s section, or way too big from the adult man section!  I gave up until Kore Essentials came into our life.

Before they arrived, I believed that they were going to be a couple belts for my husband, because nothing I’ve found up to that point would fit my teenage son, but look at my boy (picture below), I’m still in shock!

Kore Essentials Belts are one size and fit even the smallest of teen boys! #SkinnyTeenProblems #KoreEssentials #SkinnyBoyProblems #MommyTips

Getting Started with Kore Essentials:

Kore Essentials belts are amazing.  The buckle part is completely separate from the belt.  Kore ratchet style belt buckles use a patented, spring-loaded design that’s stylish, durable and easy to use. Kore Essentials refers to this design as their Trakline technology. Belt buckles are made of either solid stainless steel, or high-grade zinc alloy. Belts include a variety of styles (stitched or smooth), colors and high-quality leather (Full-Grain leather, Top-Grain leather, or Webbed Nylon belts) for work, dress or casual wear.  What’s even better than all of this talk about high-quality materials used to create each belt and buckle is the #1 important thing — they are one size!  That’s right Mommy! You can buy One-Size and fit any waist from 24″ to 44″ (XL to 54″)!

Just cut and fasten the belt to the blunt end of your new Kore Essentials Belt! Now it fits perfectly no matter how small your teen boy's waist is!

Kore Essentials belts are high quality and are made to last #KoreEssentials

Sizing Your Kore Essentials Belts:

Sizing was easy! I was able to cut the belt to my son’s waist, and it actually was perfect! You take the belt, look at the back of it to see marks with waist sizes.  Confirm before you cut by measuring your person, you cut the belt to and then you attach the buckle.  This couldn’t be simpler and my boy is beyond happy.  Now he doesn’t have to deal with a huge excess belt, punching extra holes in a belt to make it work or being limited to elastic waists.

Watch the video below to learn more about sizing our Kore Essentials belt and changing your buckles.

Before you run off to grab your boy their first

Kore Essentials belt, grab the code & save!

Visit Kore Essentials online at

Use MommysPlaybook10 at checkout and save 10% on your purchase.

Kore Essentials No more awkward belt holes, Kore men’s belts use a simple, but effective, hidden track system to give you a perfect fit every day. #KoreEssentials #FashionBelt #GiftsforHim #Christmas2018

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    These belts are awesome. I got my fiance’ one and he loves it!

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    The belts are so nice ! We also have problems finding pants and belts for my skinny grandson

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    Great idea, I also was quite skinny as a teen too. This solves it


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