Six Leggings You Can’t Survive Halloween Without!

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Last month I stumbled upon a gem of a boutique in Texas called Dream Leggings! As I navigated from page to page, I couldn’t help but to feel a little excited to see all of the colorful designs, but moreso, the prices!  Jen at Dream Leggings has priced her stunning collection so low I’m starting to think she enjoys giving them away so she can help make women all over the US more colorful?  She even has a great buy 5 get 1 free sale that never ends!  That’s right!  If you buy 5 leggings, you’re going to get one free! It doesn’t matter if you buy them today, next week, or next month.  You can look forward to Dream Leggings’ buy 5 get 1 sale whenever you want!  It’s a little like realizing you don’t have to eat dinner to get cake as an adult.  If you want cake, you eat cake! If you want a great deal on leggings, you get a great deal on leggings and you don’t have to wait for it!

I know you’re running away squealing with delight at the thought, but before you go, I want to show you a few pieces that you’re not going to be able to survive Halloween without!  It’s true, you won’t make it unless you get these leggings! Take a look at my favorite Halloween leggings from Dream Leggings below. ~ Happy Halloween, Victoria

*Yes, you will, in fact, survive Halloween without Dream Leggings… but would you want to?

Black Cat Dream Leggings! #Halloween #Leggings #LeggingsforEveryone #MommysPlaybook #Fashion

Look at these Black Cat leggings for all the Crazy Cat Ladies! These Dream Leggings are black with subtle white, golden and glowing yellow eyes, orange kitty nose, and a subtle smile with whiskers! Grab them—–>HERE.

Glow Girl Dream Leggings! #Halloween #Leggings #LeggingsforEveryone #MommysPlaybook #Fashion

Glow Girl!  Okay, so these aren’t technically “Halloween” BUT I would wear them to every Halloween party and nighttime activity just so my kids can be sure they know where I am!  It’s important for the kids to be able to spot me too, right? At least, that’s what I’m telling my husband!  These great leggings are a sure-fire win when it comes to standing out! Mommy’s gonna GLOW this Halloween!  Grab these bright and spectacular Dream Leggings—–>HERE.

Dancing-Jammin’ Bones-Skeleton Skull Leggings are a HUGE hit this October at Dream Leggings! #Halloween #DreamLeggings #LeggingsforEveryone #HalloweenParty #Fashion

Dancing-Jammin’ Bones-Skeleton Skull Leggings! Get those old bones groovin’!  Dance on over to Dream Leggings to grab these leggings before they sell out—–>HERE.

Girly Ghosts are an amazing way to dress up at Halloween! #Fashion #Halloween #DreamLeggings

Girly Ghosts are all about feeling a little spooky and a little like a princess at the same time!  Are those little red bows adorable or what?  Grab the ghosts you can’t help but to love —–>HERE.

Halloween Hootie Owls and Pumpkins! Because we love pumpkins and owls at Dream Leggings! #Fashion #Halloween #HalloweenParty

Halloween Hootie Owls and Pumpkins! Because we love pumpkins and owls! These Khaki/Taupe background, with jack-o-lanterns and big-eyed owls sitting under the stars are THE Perfect Trick or Treating Legging! Hurry over to get these great leggings—–>HERE.

Halloween Candy Skulls Dream Leggings #Leggings #DreamLeggings #HalloweenFashion

Halloween Candy Skulls! ♥ Confession time, I do NOT like wearing skulls, at all. My teen daughters love them and I just cringe every time they wear skull anything, BUT I’m a little obsessed with these sugar skull Halloween Candy Skulls leggings!  It’s true!  I feel like Halloween will be incomplete if I’m not wearing these leggings!  I’m obsessed! Hurry over to Dream Leggings to see what I mean (BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!)—–>HERE.

Learn more about Dream Leggings

& Jump at the Buy 5 Get 1 Free Offer


Dream Leggings Halloween Leggings You Can't Live Without! #MommysPlaybook #DreamLeggings #HalloweenLeggings #BestLeggings #Buyalltheleggings

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