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Are you looking for a better way to teach handwriting?  How about a better way to teach Science, Math, Biology, Language Arts, Social Studies, Engineering, Cursive, or Preschool?  You may not believe it, but I have ONE great program that can help you with ALL of these subjects! It is called Drawn to Discover! Drawn to Discover is a visual literacy curriculum that turns everything into Art!  Wendy Anderson Halperin is a renowned children’s book author and artist, educator, presenter, former advertising creative director, and visual literacy pioneer who leads each lesson.  My children love following Ms. Wendy because she teaches children in a way that THEY can understand!

The DrawnToDiscover.com curriculum has been implemented with major success with families across the country! Just login on your computer or tablet, place the paper, pencil, and crayons out for your child, and press play! Drawn to Discover students are proven to show improved handwriting skills (legibility & fluency), increased number of words and sentences in writing, and increased attention to detail.

DrawnToDiscover.com is such an outlet for children. The visual literacy lessons provide a win-win for parents and children. These fun, interactive lessons can serve as a mental break and offer respite from typical homework and study. Additionally, the lessons teach valuable skills that will not only help them academically, but also give them a tool for a lifelong, joyful outlet. Drawn To Discover has been shown to increase children’s creativity and expression – great resources for navigating this new academic journey and laying the foundation for future success in life and career.  ~DrawntoDiscover.com

LIMITED TIME OFFER: The first 100 people to sign up through this link will get a limited time offer of $75 for life access to Drawn to Discover! Don’t miss out!

Visit Drawn to Discover to learn more about their program HERE.


Drawn to Discover, Visual Literacy Curriculum for Your Homeschool #DrawntoDiscover

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    This novel drawing curriculum is an awesome idea and looks well-structured


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