How to Make Autumn Decorations from Yard Waste

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I enjoy decorating my doorway for Halloween as much as the next mom, however, I don’t have the budget to go along with it.  Because of our budget restrictions, I started looking around our yard and home to see what we could use in a creative way to decorate for Halloween.  Within minutes, I was in my back yard trimming a small tree near the swing-set.  Shortly thereafter, I was cross-legged in the grass stripping the small branches of their leaves. When my husband discovered me, he thought I had gone a little shy of crazy- man with no vision. (Haha, kidding)

sWitches Broom

DIY Halloween Decorations

I am very pleased with my results.  I tried several solutions for keeping the branches together, in the end I opted to use black duct tape.  It held everything together tighter than I could ever tie it. It is especially important to have a snug hold on the branches if you plan to use it on your main door as I have.  My children don’t exactly close the door lightly..

Once I secured the branches for our broom, I decorated it with two rolls of ribbon.  My total cost for this project was $6!  When was the last time you purchased a Halloween door decorations with your lunch money?

Pine Needle Wreath

Once Halloween is over, I will switch out my Halloween door decoration with a Harvest door decoration instead.  For those that don’t celebrate Halloween, you can go ahead and move forward with the harvest door decoration and enjoy it even longer than I will.

Pine Needle Wreath

I have always loved pine trees and pine needles.  I use the needles in gardening and often look for ways to use them instead of sending them away on yard waste day.  While sitting in the backyard with our puppy last week I started playing around with the needles.  Within minutes an idea came to me to use them as a wreath or as mini-witches brooms.   I started gathering them and creating bunches with black duct tape.

After I had several bunches of needles together, I bent a wire hanger into a circle (or, as much as a circle as I could get it).  If you are particular about having a perfect circle, I recommend craft hoops.  They are very inexpensive and will work just as well as the wire hanger.  Once the circle was formed, I started duct taping the bunches onto the wire. Bunch by bunch my wreath came together.

Once the wire is filled the pine needles need to dry.  You should do this on a flat surface. If dried properly, you shouldn’t need any help supporting your needles.  However, if you feel your needles need a little extra support to stay in place, I cut and hot glued pieces of a pizza box to the backside.  The cardboard is almost the same color as the dried needles and is unseen once it is hung in place.

After your pine need wreath dries out, you may begin decorating with ribbon.  I tried a large bow and I didn’t care for it.  Instead, I created a ruffled ribbon with the help of my glue gun. Simplistic elegance with a tiny cost!  Again, this project was only $6!

Do you have another idea for Halloween door decorations with common yard waste?
I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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    These are awesome and look easy!! Thanks for the ideas!

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    These are so pretty and a good way to be eco friendly. I love to use pinecones, and I know you need to bake them to kill any bugs or insects you don’t want to get into your home.

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    I love what you did with the pine needles! That’s a lot of dedication and the work paid off! It’s wonderful!


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