How to Get Your Kids Involved in Cleaning without Nagging

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Got a messy house?  Clean it up…

every week with this simple tip:


Are you ready for the easiest way to get everyone on board with cleaning your house at least once a week?

Invite Company Over!

Inviting other families into your home for a visit every week will help to motivate you and your children to clean your house.  It is amazing to me that I can ask my children to complete their weekly chores, repeatedly, with little progress to show for my nagging.  Meanwhile, if I say

“[Friends] are coming over tomorrow/today!  I need [chore] done ASAP!”

My kids are ON IT!  The job is done quickly and properly- often, the first time too!


Not only will your home be cleaner but it could also help you live 22% longer.! According to WebMD those who have a large circle of friends live an average of 22% longer than those who don’t.  I don’t know a better way to strengthen friendships, than to invite them into your home!  Another part of the article I loved was:

“companionship provided by friends may ward off depression, boost self-esteem, and provide support”

Moms need support!  Whether we want it or not, we need it!  We need to know that our family is normal!  That our children’s bickering or behavior is no different than your friend’s kids.  I love to get together with my mom friends and find out if they are having the same experience with bothering behavior.  It helps me to know if my kids are normal or if I need to seek outside help.

Overall, the benefits are endless!  I could probably write for another hour about how great having your friends over is.   Consider it all a bonus to your clean house!

Who are you going to invite over first?

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Your Kids Involved in Cleaning without Nagging

  • Very good information for a new mom, or any mom.

  • This is always the hardest part of cleaning! Easier and quicker to do ourselves

  • Great tip. I constantly live in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I’ll have to do this. Not only would it help me keep my house clean, but visiting with friends is always fun!

  • This is good information. I know I fret if my place isn’t really spiffed to have anyone over, yet I admit when I am at other people’s places, I don’t care at all if it is messy!

  • this is a great way to get the kids engage and have them do some necessary chores. Thanks!

  • Thankfully our household enjoys cleaning, mostly.

  • I a all for kids helping around the house. They say start them at a early age with simple things and let them grow into assigned chores. My niece told me she was in the process of teaching her 15 yr old how to do laundry. Bit my tongue on that one.

  • Thanks for the tips. Announcing company is coming always gets the family moving!


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