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How to Save kids from Accidental Sharing of Bacteria-spreading Germs!

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Are your children constantly losing things? Or worse, does your child’s preschool send home the wrong child’s belongings?  When my oldest daughter attended daycare she was always being sent home in AND with the wrong clothes, missing shoes, or once, the wrong diaper bag! Before StickerKid was created, we were a mess y’all, but now we have a label for everything…and so can you!

StickerKid Labels for Spring Break or Camping Trips

Why StickerKid

StickerKid’s mission is to serve fellow parents and caregivers worldwide as day-savers; saving kids from the accidental sharing of bacteria-spreading items and saving money by putting an end to lost clothing and possessions. You may not realize it, but 50,000 kids go to the emergency room every year because they accidentally drank from their sick friend’s cup/bottle at school or daycare. That’s tens of thousands of cases of illness that could have been avoided by simply using StickerKid name or allergy labels!

A Label For Everyone AND Everything!

If you own it, StickerKid has a label for it! Look to StickerKid for mini, small, medium, and large name labels.  You can even choose photo name labels that will allow your young child to easily identify their belongings before they begin to read.

What’s even better than being able to label everything? Llabels that are washing machine or dish washer safe! Can you imagine a label on your child’s bottle/cup that was weatherproof (sun, sand, and sea), AND suitable for the dishwasher, microwave, and fridge? Or a clothing label that can stand up to the washing machine and dryer? StickerKid’s labels are up for the challenge!

Another special label at StickerKid are my personal favorite, the right-left shoe labels (see featured imaged above)! Shoe labels help kid put their shoes on their right feet, Just match the picture back together before putting on their shoes! Easy! BONUS: the shoe labels have their names on them too! — How helpful!

Now that You’ve Met StickerKid,

What StickerKid Label do You Love Most?

StickerKid is More Than Just a Sticker! 50,000 kids go to the emergency room every year because they accidentally drank from their sick friend’s bottle at school or daycare.

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24 thoughts on “How to Save kids from Accidental Sharing of Bacteria-spreading Germs!

    • I am excited about the iron in labels

  • Label for my son”s lunch box.

  • I’m very excited for the “School Mega Pack” pack of 214 labels

  • I like that they have a variety and different colors of stickers. The 20 Medical and allergy alert labels caught my attention. I have many medications that should have alert stickers on them.

  • When trying to follow itsnicolecarman, I received this error message: This account doesn’t exist. Should I claim it anyway?

  • I am most excited about the mini stickers. They would be so very useful on so many of my children’s things.

  • I am excited about the iron on labels, this would really come in handy and they are so cute! I have the kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, and I love that they have so many to choose from.

  • I really like the sticker with the kitten on it. These are all so cute. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • I like the medium name labels, perfect for the Grandkids.

  • im most excited about the clothing stickers! kids are always losing hats at school! be awesome for them!

  • This would be great for the girls entering Kindergarten in the fall and day care afterward,

  • The mini stickers are cute to put on the inside of ,y daughters shoes, coats and lunch box!

  • The kitten stickers are so cute for sure

  • I am interested in trying the Large Labels (:


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