What Do Women Really Want on Valentine’s Day?

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Do you know what women want on Valentine’s Day?

After walking around our local big box store you would think we all want ridiculously large stuffed animals!  I promise, every center aisle in my store had these big displays of huge, HUGE, plush toys.  What are we supposed to do with those things after the holidays?  Turn them into a bed?  Toss out the living room chair and replace it with the massive bear?  My kids see these displays everywhere and they think they are supposed to get one from me.  Like, “that’s what you do on Valentine’s Day Mommy — you buy me a bear bigger than my toddler bed!”

But really…

What DO women REALLY want?  If you read the results of the poll below they all lead to the same thing: we just want someone to think of us and do something sweet.  It isn’t hard. Take us out to dinner, buy us the flowers, and yes, chocolate or jewelry is always a plus…


What Do Women Really Want For Valentine

and a new BMW would be great too?!
There you have it, what women want — a Bimmer!
(LOL! Who answered this poll?)

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3 thoughts on “What Do Women Really Want on Valentine’s Day?

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    Yes and I love chocolates and sweet cards!

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    I agree that the giant stuffed animals are ridiculous, and are for children not adults. I love the 50% off candy in stores on 02/15. 🙂

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    I like chocolates and some sweet time with my sweetie. He did not want anything special.


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