3 BIG Tips to Winning Your Christmas Gifts!


Whew, times are tough and purchasing gifts can get expensive! I don’t know about you, but I have been entering giveaways much more than usual lately in hopes of winning my Christmas gifts for the upcoming holiday season!  As crazy as it might seem, I’ve already won a few!

3 BIG Tips to Winning Giveaways

How do you WIN Giveaways?

FIRST, you have to enter them!  I know, shocking right?  But you won’t believe how many people complain that they never win anything when they don’t enter to begin with!…

I like giveaways and I am a “giveaway form” kind of girl.  I don’t like to jump through a dozen hoops to win a giveaway.  Chances are high that I am not going to run an internet gauntlet in an effort to win something.  (I have six children, thus, I don’t have that kind of time.) What I will do, is click a few buttons while I’m nursing the baby.

SECOND, I try to enter low entry giveaways as much as possible.  A low entry giveaway will likely have less than five hundred “entries” showing on the giveaway form.  That doesn’t mean you are competing with five hundred people, that means you are competing with that many earned points. To give you an idea of how many people may have entered, take the total points earned number and divide that by how many points you can earn by entering the giveaway.  Chances are you are competing with a little more than that many people.

For example:  I just entered a giveaway that had eighty-nine entries showing. I could earn twenty points for completing all of the entry options available to me.  I was only competing with less than ten people for this prize.  That puts my odds of winning pretty high – that giveaway was well worth my time entering!  So much so, that I splurged and even completed those extra “leave a comment” entries.

THIRD, I complete as many of the entry requirements as possible. After several years of running giveaways, I have noticed that the winners selected by some of these giveaway forms are more often someone who has completed the majority of the entries. This won’t guarantee you a win — but the forms appear to prefer the entrants who are putting in the most effort.

Do you want to enter giveaways?

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*This post originally appeared on Mommy’s Playbook in Dec. 2013 — but the content is timeless!

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