Two Minute Artichoke Sauce

A few nights ago I was rapping up dinner when it was time to make a garlic butter sauce for our artichokes. I had already made the salad, toasted the garlic bread, and was tossing our alfredo pasta when I was staring at the remaining contents of the alfredo sauce jar. I hated tossing the jar when there was still some inside, but I didn’t want to thin the pasta sauce.  On a whim I melted my butter and poured it into the jar.  With a quick shake and a pour into my dipping cup… a wonderful garlic dipping sauce was ready for my artichoke leaves! It was perfect!  I didn’t even have to add additional garlic to the mix.


The first night I used traditional garlic Alfredo sauce, tonight I attempted the same using leftover sun dried tomato Alfredo sauce – it was just as perfect.  I think this will be my new staple when we eat Alfredo pasta dinners!

The next time you plan an Alfredo dinner,

pick up an artichoke and give it a try!

Artichoke Sauce Card

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