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When Your Foodie Friend Needs a Gift: HelloFresh!

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Everyone loves to receive food for Christmas, but not everyone loves to receive sweets.  And let’s face it, sweets are usually high (or at the top) of the food gift list during the holidays, right?  I hate to break it to you, but there’s more than just fruit baskets and cookie tins y’all!  There’s a whole new world of food gifts out there today and my favorite is food subscriptions!

A few months back my bestie sent me a free box of Hello Fresh and I thought I was being spammed.  I had tried Hello Fresh waaay back in 2014 and I hated it. I couldn’t believe my foodie sister would like HelloFresh enough to send me a box. I was like “Really?  When I tried it, the recipes weren’t too great and I had issues with the way they had packaged my ingredients.  I know I’m kind-of a germophobe, but I was really disturbed that my meat and veggies were in same part of the box.  I almost was too scared to cook from it.”  — yes, I was that worried, but she insisted I give it another try. So, I did.

Hello Fresh Delivery

…and I was shocked!

They overhauled the entire thing since I tried them last.  I mean, the box was new.  The cooling pack was new.  The meat was on the bottom separated from the veggies, instructions, and spice packs by this little cardboard divider — YES!!!!!  This germophobe mom was rejoicing!  I was thrilled to actually be able to prepare my meals without being in complete fear of cross contamination!  Glorious!

Hello Fresh Juicy Lucy Burger

My box had three meals included. My favorite, and most photogenic dinner was the Juicy Lucy Burger that my son renamed “The Amazing Hamburger”.  It was really good. Onion Jam is my new favorite thing on so many things now too.  Who knew onion, mayo, and balsamic would taste this delicious?

Hello Fresh Christmas Gifts

Send your friend a free box and let them decide when to accept the delivery, order for them, or just grab a great HelloFresh gift card!

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2 thoughts on “When Your Foodie Friend Needs a Gift: HelloFresh!

  • I’ve heard great things about this box and have a friend that has been ordering and using it–I may give it a try in the new year!

  • The burger looks amazing! I am now curious about onion jam. Have you heard of bacon jam? It is amazing also.


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