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OJO Smart Games for Future Innovators

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Pandemic education at home has a lot of families struggling right now. Many of them are getting a distorted view of what learning at home, (AKA homeschooling) is.  Any seasoned homeschooler will tell you, the best thing about homeschooling it the versatility and ability to adjust your lessons to make learning fun for your kids.  Most of us teach our kids every day of the week, but that doesn’t mean we have a sit-down lesson from curriculum or online school.  No, we incorporate a large amount of (edu)play!

If your loved ones are learning from home for the first time, the best gift you can give them is educational toys and games.  Games that make learning fun. Games that teach through play.

OJO Smart games for future innovators

Give the gift of STEM this Christmas

This holiday season we OJO aims to reach even more children with their new fun-filled bundles and unprecendented offers. As many of us focus on at-home learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, they hope to inspire families to embark on creative educational adventures from their own homes.

Are your kids learning at home for the first time? Find Free Educational Resources from OJO—–>HERE

OJO Robot Workshop Game

Robot Workshop Robotics Theory Board Game

Learn about Robotics by designing robots, for space mission challenges on an alien world! The Robot Workshop game offers a simple and fun way to learn about Robotics systems and design features. Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, children complete missions by working out which components to use when ‘building’ the ideal robot for the mission.

My kids loved playing this game.  I was amazed at how well my six year old was able to complete the missions and build the appropriate robots needed to advance in the game.  My ten year old continued after the other kids finished so he could complete missions and build robots on his own.  I like that the game can be used played alone or with siblings, even younger siblings!

OJO Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game

OJO Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game

Learn how to build simple elements and compounds for everyday materials with atomic building blocks! The Atomic Force board game teaches fundamental chemistry concepts. Each player gets an avatar and rolls dice to cross the board from start to finish. Along the way, collect Protons, Neutrons and Electrons and solve different challenges to build simple elements and compounds.

The recommended age for this game from OJO is 6+, however, after playing it with my own children, I  recommend this game for children 10+, or children who already have an understanding of what Chemistry and the periodic table is.


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6 thoughts on “OJO Smart Games for Future Innovators

  • These game are great. They are fun and educational. My nephew and nieces would really benefit from these.

  • I love fun ideas like this that are also educational.

  • I love these, learning while still playing and having fun..

  • This looks like something fun my grandchildren would enjoy.

  • These games sound awesome, I love STEM games! They are such a great way to have fun while learning, we use them a lot homeschooling. I need to get these. Thanks for sharing!


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