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Reading Eggs Makes Homeschooling Easier!

All opinions expressed herein are my own!Learning through play is one of my biggest goals as a homeschool mom.  I encourage anything we can do together that includes hands-on activities, field trips, entertaining and educational videos, music, song, and creativity!  When the group learning is over and my littles want to work independently, I look to individualized programs, apps, and online learning to help make our homeschooling easier. One of our long-time favorite online learning programs is Reading Eggs.  I don’t think there is a child in my home that hasn’t used Reading Eggs at some point during their childhood.  The games, videos, and self-paced learning program is fun for even the smallest of children.  Today, my one year old enjoys sitting with her big brother and sister watching the videos, counting, and learning vocabulary words on Reading Eggs Junior!  It’s amazing how much she has learned just by watching them play! –My four year old ASKS to play Reading Eggs and claps every time he receives his egg reward!  He never wants to stop “playing” his games on Reading Eggs. Is there anything better than a learning program that our children WANT to do?  That’s what really makes homeschooling easier, when our children are excited to learn!

Homeschooling with Reading Eggs! Take a look at the Reading Eggs Dashboard! #ReadingEggs #Mathseeds #Library #EduVideos

How We Use Reading Eggs in Our Homeschool

Because my two Reading Eggs users are only four and six, we started using Reading Eggs Junior first, just so they could get a feel for the platform and get a little more practice using a computer mouse. Every subscription to Reading Eggs includes the comprehensive early learning program for toddlers. Reading Eggs Junior is designed for toddlers or children who are not yet ready to start Reading Eggs, but we actually use it during our “free play” learning time too. They like to Explore the Lands and click all o the little items in Reggie’s world, but they also like that they can just jump right into playing by choosing “Activities.” 

Another great feature of Reading Eggs Junior are the books and videos.  I love the videos because my kids like the short videos they see on YouTube, but I struggle with controlling what they are watching there.  No matter if I choose a specific playlist or not, no doubt, I will be running over to change the video at some point because the platform will automatically shuffle to something I don’t approve of.  The videos at Reading Eggs Junior give children the option to choose their favorite character and video + they even get an Egg reward just by watching! (Yay to more stickers for the virtual sticker book!)


When I’m ready for my littles to actually “do homeschool”, we use the Reading Eggs program for a more structured approach.  My kids easily navigate to exactly what I need them to do within the program just by choosing “Lesson”.  Once selected, they are automatically taken to where they left off in the program.  Although I prefer they complete a “Lesson” during every session, if for some reason they are unable to, Reading Eggs will resume where they left off so they don’t have to re-do the videos or activities they already did. I love this feature because I don’t have to worry about them doing the same thing over and over; they never grow bored and I am certain they are learning something new every time they play!

Reading Eggs is the perfect program for homeschoolers, providing a comprehensive range of research-based online reading lessons, activities and books that teach children aged 2–13 the literacy skills needed for a lifetime of reading success. Developed by a team of elementary educators with 30+ years teaching experience, Reading Eggs provides the ideal complement to any homeschool curriculum. The comprehensive reading program is grounded in solid educational research and covers the five pillars of reading – phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

Homeschool parents can also enjoy detailed progress reports, hundreds of full-color activity sheets that correspond with the lessons in the program, printable certificates, and much more.

Reading Eggs instructs homeschool children in the following five core literacy areas outlined by the National Reading Panel as essential components of reading instruction:

  1. Phonemic awareness – children learn the necessary listening skills to become aware that speech is made up of sounds and that these sounds make words, syllables and phonemes.
  2. Phonics – each letter of the alphabet is introduced in its own lesson with a focus on reinforcing letter-sound relationships and highlighting the alphabetic principle.
  3. Fluency – children develop the rapid word recognition skills essential for reading fluency, including learning to instantly recall crucial sight words that make up 50% of elementary level books.
  4. Vocabulary – new words are introduced with visual support to provide context and increase word knowledge and retention.
  5. Comprehension – reading for meaning is the end goal of Reading Eggs. The program includes over 2500 e-books, each with their own comprehension quiz.

Homeschooling with Reading Eggs! Take a look at the Reading Eggs Dashboard! #ReadingEggs #Mathseeds #Library #EduVideos

Reading Eggs for Big Kids! Reading Eggspress!

Now that your child knows HOW to read, it’s time for them to start putting more thought into what they are reading.  Reading Eggspress will help children discover “comprehension”.  Because reading is more than just words, but children need to learn how to put them into thought and utilize their imagination to thinking critically or understand words without pictures.

Before starting the Reading Eggspress lessons, children are taken to the Placement Test area. Children are asked to answer twenty quetions, if they answer three of them wrong, the test will automatically end and they will be taken to Lesson 1.

Reading Eggspress continues the learning to read journey for 7 to 13 year olds, helping children further develop their comprehension, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. Key features include:

  • My Lessons – over 200 comprehension lessons which cover five broad levels equivalent to school grades 1 to 6.
  • The Stadium – your child can compete against students from around the world or against the computer with four contests that tests skills in spelling, vocabulary, usage, and grammar.
  • English Skills – focuses on common spelling rules, generalizations, and strategies using a combination of teaching videos, engaging online activities and games, with printable worksheets and assessment tests.
  • The Library – home to over 2500 e-books, each with their own comprehension quiz.

There’s More with Your Membership: Mathseeds!

Mathseeds was created by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers; the same team that created Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress. The program teaches early mathematical skills in highly structured lessons that are FUN! Just like Reading Eggs, each child’s progression through the lessons are at their own pace and they are always rewarded for their achievements. What’s even better is, all lessons and activities can be repeated as often as necessary! This allows your child to review techniques they need a little more work on OR consolidate new skills with those previously learned.


Not ready for Mathseeds? If your child isn’t quite ready for Mathseeds, look for the Math lessons on Reading Eggs Junior! Go to the “Reggie & Friends” activity in the “Explore the Lands” and look for the hidden egg in the bathroom! OR go straight to the “Counting Activity” from the main Activity Dashboard.  Another thing you can do is “PLAY” at Mathseeds instead of doing a lesson.  The “play” activities are fun way to explore Math techniques and principals just by having FUN! No structure required!

There’s an Arcade!!! Where do I Find the Arcade?

Check out the FUN Arcade at Reading Eggspress AND Mathseeds!  While completing lessons on both programs kids are given rewards they can spend…AT THE ARCADE! My little learners aren’t using these two programs yet, but that doesn’t mean Mommy didn’t get a turn! Yes… I may have tried a lesson or so just so I could spend rewards at the arcade (guilty!) 

Learn About Reading Eggs Free Offers

FREE PRINTABLE ALERT!! Reading Eggs offers free printable worksheets for toddlers! Download and laminate Busy Bag games, I Spy Games, Clip Cards, Letter Puzzles, Alphabet Certificates & Handwriting Placemats, Vocabulary Buidling Matching Cards! Learn more about this great FREEBIE from Reading Eggs in my Freebies & Deals Section at Mommy’s Playbook!

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