Welcome to Mommy’s Playbook! I am Victoria, a Christian, WORK-at-home, homeschooling mom to nine wonderful children ages 23, 22, 18, 13, 11, 9, 7, AND 2!

I have a passion for creating recipes, making crafts, sewing something useful, and sharing all of it with you as often as possible. My favorite post here is Backyard Playground on the Cheap! I adore this article because it highlights some of my frugal mommy skills.  I searched my city for the best deals on kids outdoor toys and was able to fill my backyard with fun for under $100!  If you have young children, you must visit that post to see how I did it!

If you are looking for a great recipe, please read the recipe section.  I am constantly creating and snapping photos of meals and desserts I make. Sometimes the recipe is a great way to make something from scratch, and other times I’m sharing how to take something from box to table without anyone knowing it came from a box! I am always working to expand my recipe section, please keep checking back to see what deliciousness I come up with next!  — Before you go, do you love black beans? My easy Spiced Black Beans recipe is a great starter for your salads, tacos, bean dip, and more!  Grab it HERE.

Easy Recipe for Starter Black Beans

Have we met before?  Maybe! Throughout the past (almost) FIFTEEN years I have written for several mommy and homeschooling blogs, been a virtual assistant/ghost writer for bloggers and businesses, a product reviewer for Parent Palace, and formerly the Senior Staff Writer for Mom Does Reviews.

Some of my favorite blogger accomplishments include my Autumn Door Decorations being featured on Bay News 9 and News 13 Orlando (October, 2013), Representing Mom Does Reviews as part of the Ant-Man Disney press, AND participating in the World Food Championships in 2015!


Dear Brand and Representative Friends:  I’m NOT an influencer, and that’s okay! When our youngest was born in 2022 I was over 40 and fed-up with what this industry has become! I have given birth to FIVE babies since becoming a professional blogger (in 2010.)  I have completed reviews in the delivery room, turned in sponsored post 3 days postpartum, and worked while completing ALL the things I needed to at home…. but I’m on pause for now. Please, don’t contact me.  I will update this page or email you when I am ready to resume sponsored content or reviews.  Right now I’m enjoying every moment possible with my family.  Thank you for your understanding.


Disclaimer:  Mommy’s Playbook does feature advertisements and accept payment for sponsored content.  It is my goal AT ALL TIMES to be transparent and honest with my readers. I will not accept payment in return for expressing an opinion that isn’t my own. I will not recommend a product in a dishonest way.  I will not speak favorably about any product that is undeserving.

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Pepperjam Affiliate Disclosure:  Pepperjam is an affiliate network that many brands and businesses big and small utilize to connect with their affiliates (Like Me!) This is where I often find specials, savings, and deals to share with my readers. (I’m not sure if any of my old Pepperjam links are still appearing on the blog at this time.  Please note that as of 2024 I am not actively using this affiliate program.)


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  • When our children were little we did the usual Easter Egg Hunt, family over for dinner .. now in our 70s, no special traditions and that’s ok.

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