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Aromalief Vegan Day/Night Hemp Relief Gift Set

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Do you have a loved one who suffers from chronic pain and inflammation? Give them a gift this year that says “I see your pain; you’re gonna love this!”

My husband suffers from chronic pain and he was so excited to see Aromalief arrive.  He hates taking OTCs and the topical natural pain relief hemp lotion helps him to avoid them whenever possible.  He keeps the Aromalief Vegan Pain Relief Cream Lavender by the bed, and the Aromalief Energizing Hemp Pain Relief Cream Ginger Orange in the car for use during breaks at work.  Not only are they both providing him with the relief he needs, but they are also giving me relief from all of the medicine-smelling rubs, roll-ons, and sprays he has tried in the past.

Aromalief Vegan Day/Night Hemp Relief Gift Set

Natural Pain Relief & Aromatherapy Hemp Lotion

Aromalief® is the only vegan pain relief cream that combines anti-inflammatory nutrients with the benefits of aromatherapy to help your body and mind feel better. The proprietary formula from Aromalief offers the best pain relief with aromatherapy to help soothe the body and mind for those suffering from muscle and never pain, chronic pain, cancer, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The fragrance is like that of a luxurious body cream in Energizing Orange Ginger for brighter mornings and Calming Lavender for restful nights. Never smell like medicine again!

Aromalief is made in an FDA regulated facility with high quality ingredients that are non-toxic, won’t irritate your skin, and Paraben and Dye-Free. Cream is certified by PETA to not contain any animal products and we never test on animals. Shellfish-free.

CONTAINS – 1000MG of Hemp, Lavender Essential Oil to Calm the Mind, L-Arginine to Improve Blood Flow, Vegan Glucosamine and Algae Extracted Chondroitin to Reduce Inflammation

Aromalief® is women-owned and made cruelty-free in Florida, USA.

Aromalief Vegan Day/Night Hemp Relief Gift Set

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4 thoughts on “Aromalief Vegan Day/Night Hemp Relief Gift Set

  • my mother and me both suffer with arthritis i am thinking this stuff would probably work for us i am gonna check into it so thank u for sharing the review

  • This sounds really great. Not only would I like to give this as a gift. I’d really like one for myself.


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