Recommended Teachings: FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting® Small-Group Series Kit

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for this program.  I found FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting® Small-Group Series Kit after screening “Like Arrows.”  I am NOT obligated to share this series with you.

Is your fear that your child will grow up, leave home, set aside all of their teachings, and never look back?  Mine too. FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting® Small-Group Series Kit is an accompaniment to the film “Like Arrows.”  I watched the film in total disbelief that THAT could be my life, and then one day is was.  My oldest son walked out at eighteen against our wishes — there are days when I want so desperately to hit the rewind button so I can go back and make the changes taught in this series.  Of course, that’s one of the lessons, we can’t change what led us here, but we can start today.  Mommy, I strongly recommend this teaching series.  From one mother to another!  It’s one you cannot afford to pass up.

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About FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting:

FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting will help parents find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments. We can help parents make faith the core of their parenting with intentional, biblical teaching and Christ-centered plans. Parents will end the eight sessions with renewed confidence, fresh insights on parenting children of different ages, and a parenting plan unique to each child’s personality and gifting.

Based on Psalm 127:4, this new eight-session small-group study is video based and covers the following topics:

  • The Goal of Parenting
  • Forming Character
  • Applying Discipline
  • Building Relationships
  • Understanding Identity
  • Nurturing Identity
  • Preparing for Mission
  • The Power of Family

The eight engaging video sessions feature interviews with parenting experts, stories from parents who share their own experiences, and dramatic clips from FamilyLife’s feature film “Like Arrows.” The kit includes a voucher for a copy of the “Like Arrows” DVD and a voucher for a copy of The Art of Parenting book.

The participant workbook includes questions for group discussion, activities for individual reflection and growth, and additional parenting articles and help. Plus, an interactive activity runs throughout the eight sessions and results in a parenting plan unique to each child. Each workbook includes two copies of the arrow chart, a place for parents to record their child’s unique plan.

Participants also have access to bonus online content:

  • Short videos that apply each session’s topic to six different stages of childhood, birth to 18; single parents, and stepparents. Parents can access these videos on their own
  • Indepth discussion with parents who have dealt with different parenting issues and share their experiences
  • 30-day prayer guide for parents
  • Plus more

Online leader help includes:

  • Promotional print and video downloads
  • Suggestions for leading the study
  • Plans for a church event using the “Like Arrows” feature film

Developed for use in a small-group setting, FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting Small-Group Series will have heart-changing impact with parents and children.


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