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How to Sell Your Car & Finance Your New One While Doing the Laundry!

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Twenty times in three months. That’s how many times I asked my husband and my oldest son to list his car for sale.  Months went by and they didn’t do it. Months. I finally gave my son my phone and told him to go outside and take pictures for me while I was changing over the laundry.

“Right now”, I told him.

With no shoes on, he ran outside and took pictures.  While he was still dusting his feet and shaking his head at my demand, I listed the car for sale. It was one of those “did you see how easy that was?” moments.

That’s how fast you can list your car for sale on Blinker! 

Blinker is a new mobile app that makes it quicker, easier and safer to sell your car yourself.

Why did it take them so long to list my son’s car for sale?  Because the guys were overthinking about the price, what pictures to take, and what information to put in the listing.  I get it.  It used to be a lot of work trying to sell a car, and if you don’t think you will make a real profit from it, who wants to deal with the hassle?  This is why Blinker is amazing!  Blinker is an app that allows you to list your car OR buy a new one — all within the app! They even offer blinker financing! Since launching last year, Blinker has saved buyers and sellers an average of $3,000 every transaction, serviced millions of dollars in auto loans and won a 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award. Their app is currently available in Colorado, Texas and Florida.  In these states they are make everything from selling a car with a lien, to getting a loan to refinancing, as easy as snapping a photo.

Buying and Selling Your Car with Blinker WHILE Folding the Laundry! #Blinker #AutoLoan #CarSale #Blinkerapp

The free app just launched in Florida and people are already earning an

average of $3,000 more than trading in at the dealership!

How to List Your Car for Sale on Blinker:

Listing your car for sale on Blinker is shockingly easy.  Just download the Blinker app, open the app in your phone, and create your account. From the home screen, choose “Sell My Car” and go take your picture!  Blinker will immediately tell you how much your car is worth and give you a range to list your car at.  Once you approve the listing, hit the “List my Car” button, and you’re done!  It’s THAT easy!  My listing was ready to go before I could finish folding a load of laundry!

Buying and Selling Your Car with Blinker WHILE Folding the Laundry! #Blinker #AutoLoan #CarSale #Blinkerapp

What’s MORE Exciting about Blinker?

Buying a car using Blinker!  Trying to get a CARFAX® from a dealer can feel a little like asking your doctor for a second opinion.  With Blinker, you can read the CARFAX® immediately!  No waiting!  No fee! Just select the CARFAX® button on the listing and everything is quickly displayed right there for you!

Even better…

Do you need auto loan financing or are you looking to refinance your car? With rates starting at 2.9% APR*, you can get pre-qualified for Blinker financing in minutes without affecting your credit score.  Just snap a photo of your Driver’s License to see if you pre-qualify for Blinker financing!

For a limited time, when you download Blinker, enter my code

MOMMYSPLAYBOOK and list your car for sale — you’ll earn $200 when it sells.



Interested in selling your car and earning some extra cash even while doing the laundry? Download HERE

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2 thoughts on “How to Sell Your Car & Finance Your New One While Doing the Laundry!

  • Wow! This looks like a great app. I’ve often lost money selling my car back to the dealership where I purchased my new car. Saving an average of $3,000 by using this app is certainly something to look into when I need to buy another car. 🙂

  • Nice saving help! I think it’s a handy app.


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