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My Buttery-Soft Secret to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I finally did it!  For the past few years I have been going on-and-on about Dream Leggings‘ cute prints, but after drooling over them for so long, I finally snagged two pair of Dream Leggings for myself!  What surprised me most was that the moment I got my first pair, I ordered my second.  Yes! They are that amazing!

Between you and me though, my husband may love them more than I do!  Really!


Well, he doesn’t care about the prints, or the price, or the great sale, or even how I look in them… he loves how buttery-soft they are!  Crazy right? Every time I wear one of my cute leggings, he cannot stop rubbing my leg.  Ladies… I’m shooing him away!

See! Now you know why they are my Valentine’s Day Secret! If you want your husband (or significant other) giving you a little leg action this Valentine’s Day,  Get Dream Leggings!

Oh, and the bonus, because my husband loves my Dream Leggings so much, my leggings purchases are now guilt-free! (Yesssss!!!!)

6 Dream Leggings to Make Your

Valetine’s Day Perfect & Buttery-Soft!

Neon "Love You" Hearts Leggings from Dream Leggings

These Neon Love You Heart Leggings scream “Valentine’s Day”, but they also say, date night, anniversary party, or a special way to say I love you to your kid on grad night!

Dream Leggings Valentine's Day Leggings

There’s more colors to love on Valentine’s Day than just red! Checkout these Peach Pastel Hearts Printed Leggings! The colors featured in these beautiful leggings are peach, baby blue, ivory, with black handwriting love words, atop Dream Leggings’ pale titanium grey buttery soft leggings.

Pink Hearts Dream Leggings

Pink Love Hearts Leggings have a hot pink background with black and white hand-drawn, artistic hearts, cursive love words, and doodles on these buttery soft printed leggings.

Peace Love Leggings

The Peace Love Leggings from Dream Leggings are “totally” V-Day attire, but they are also what I call a “365”.  365 Leggings are leggings I am happy to year all year round.  They are the title I give leggings that might be considered “holiday” to some, but to me, I will wear them any day, any time, anywhere!

Dream Leggings Butterfly Love Valentine's Day Leggings

I love holiday leggings, but I also love holiday leggings that can be worn anytime too!. These Butterfly Love printed leggings have a navy blue background with red and white butterflies and hearts! These are perfect for Valentine’s Day, any Patriotic Holiday, or just your EVERYDAY!.

Dream Leggings Valentina Hearts Exclusive Print

Last, but not least, take a look at this Exclusive print for Valentine’s Day! The Valentina Heart Leggings Exclusive prints are custom made for Dream Leggings!  These great leggings are pre-order only and cannot be combined with sales or other orders.

Learn more about Dream Leggings

& Jump at the Buy 4 Pair of Leggings

Get a 5th Pair FREE! Plus Free Shipping!

Use Discount Code: B4G5


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23 thoughts on “My Buttery-Soft Secret to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You had me at “buttery soft”, lol. Count me in. Thanks for posting!

  • The patterns they have are definitely beautiful. And I like the idea of how soft and comfortable they must be, too.

  • Thank you for sharing this deal with us.

  • Those are so cute! I love the Peach Pastel Hearts!

  • I have been dying to try Dream Leggings! So many cute choices and I bet they are so comfy!!

  • These are definitely adorable; I love all of the Valentine’s Day themed ones! I have never tried Dream Leggings before, but now I want to!

  • My husband loves me in leggings and buys them for me often. Checking out these leggings, because you said they were buttery soft!

  • these have my niece name wrote all over them……………… She loves wearing prints like these and if they feel so good she would want several pairs

  • I love leggings, but I’ve never tried them in a print.

  • My little princess have lots of colors and styles of Leggings.They are great to wear with her Sweaters and Shirt Dresses during the Winter.

  • Cute. I like the peach pastel hearts!

  • Buttery soft is what I like in a legging! Thanks for the review 🙂

  • Does the print on these leggings keep as bright as it is when you first buy them?

  • I like to wear legging whenever I can and these are super cute and bright.


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