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A Tablet for Everyone!


My girls often complain that my son isn’t sharing the kids tablet, he deletes their pictures, and removes their games.  We wanted a tablet system for the girls that they could personalize to the point where he wouldn’t want anything to do with it.  I think Hello Kitty did the trick!


Meet the Camelio by Vivitar

The Camelio is a unique Android tablet that allows you to customize and personalize your tablet with your favorite characters! Up to 5 users can easily create their own profile and customize their account with Camelio “Personality Packs” (sold separately).

Personality packs allow users to customize wallpaper, widgets, lock screens, camera and photo editor and a themed bumper case. In addition, licensed games, video, music, and books are also included and vary by theme.

Equipped with all of the features parents have come to expect from a family tablet; built in Wi fi, camera, HD Video, touch screen and parental controls, the Camelio also includes lots of pre-loaded content for apps, games, music, video, art and other educational tools. The Camelio is the ultimate in customized functionality and fun for the entire family!

While the tablet is advertised as being customizeable for sharing with everyone in the family… to me, it isn’t. It is a lot of effort to save your case for when you are using the device.  My children have a hard enough time keeping track of their cases when they are supposed to stay on the device at all times, I cannot imagine trying to keep up with a cover when it is not in use to “hold until your turn”.  I just don’t see that sort of thing happening in the majority of homes with children.

What you could do however, is purchase two and have one tablet for the boys and one for the girls.  The affordability of the tablet allows for someone who has the budget to buy a more expensive tablet the opportunity to buy two Camelio’s instead.  Ideally, that is what we would do.  We would have another Camelio for the boys and they would select their favorite Personalization Kit to share.


What do the Kids Think?

Baby Girl: Our baby girl loves the Hello Kitty cover and has already tried to destroy it on our tile floor by spinning it around.  This is the first tablet that has made it a whole month in our home without an accident!  Impressive!  The outer cover is great at protecting the device from tiny person accidents.

Toddler Boy: When asked if he liked it, he replied with “Uh-huh” and then he took off with it. Again, this is the first tablet that has survived him.

Eight Year-Old Girl: “I love it! It is cool because you can talk to it and ask it to do things instead of typing things into Google.  I can find out what the weather is going to be by asking it- really cool! I love the Hello Kitty cover but I don’t like it when my brother turns it off the background. That’s not very nice.”

Eleven Year-Old Girl: “I like the games and that I can change the background.  I like having my own login and user settings. I hate that I can’t get YouTube to work and it is a little slower than I would prefer when it is not fully charged.”

Jon Tech Kid (Thirteen Year-Old Boy): “I like that there is a front facing camera and a microphone. Those are features that are not commonly found on other tablets in this price range.  The microphone is great for talking to Google Chrome (helps my little sister a lot).  There is some lag in the performance.  I thought the user account would be more private, it is more like a profile account instead of a user account.  I can still see everyone’s games and apps.  I would prefer not to see my little sister’s doll game when I login to my account.”

My husband and I are both impressed by the Camelio Tablet.  We have tablets in our home that do not have the features available on the Camelio. Features like a front and rear camera and built-in microphone are features we would only expect to see on tablets well out of our price range. Vivitar has stayed true to their brand in providing affordable electronics with features everyone wants.  I don’t know how they can offer these great features on such an inexpensive device, but we are pleased they do.

I was equally pleased with the technical support available on their website.  We weren’t sure how to work the tablet so I went to their website to see what I could learn.  There I found video instructions on how to do everything: initial setup, parental controls, adding a user, setting up the wifi connection, changing the theme, accessing the Google Play store, removing apps, and changing settings.  This made everything so much easier than fumbling through an instruction booklet or pdf file.


We received the Hello Kitty Personalization Kit for our tablet.  The color of the tablet case is vibrant and the hard shell is durable. I am looking forward to purchasing a second Camelio for our toddler son with the Thomas & Friends kit.  I am certain he will be thrilled with this gift for Christmas!

Visit Camelio Tablet for more information.

The Camelio Tablet by Vivitar & Personalization Kits are Available in the Amazon Store

What are you looking for in a tablet for your child?


Technical Details

Processor 1.1GHz
OS ANDROID 4.1 -Automatically upgradeable
Memory 1GB
HDD 4GB (expandable)
Screen Size 7 inch
Screen Resolution 1024 x 600 (16:9)
Touchscreen Capacity Touch Panel 5 point
Wireless connection WIFI 802.11b/g/n
Gravity 4-Dimensional gravity sensing
Camera Front: Built-in 0.5M pixels; Rear: Built-in 2.0M pixels
I/O Port USB 2.0 OTG*1, Headphone *1, MIC*1, DC JACK*1
Card slot T Flash card (Max:32GB)
Audio 3.5mm headphone jack. High-quality stereo loud speaker. Built-in microphone
Battery Lithium Battery, 3.7V/2800mAh
Power adapter USB 5V,2A
Weight 336 g ( including battery )
Dimension 203 x121 x 11.5mm


*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Camelio Tablet by Vivitar for the purpose of facilitating my review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the developing company or its affiliates in any way.

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21 thoughts on “A Tablet for Everyone!

    • Hi Jenn,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes! Your four year-old niece will love this! Did you see where they offer Barbie, My Little Pony, Monster High, and Hello Kitty for Personalization Kits? Wonderful kid-friendly options!

      Happy Cyber Monday,


  • I have never heard of this one I got the samsung 7.0 for my son and I am getting the same one for my daughter but now you are making me want to check this one out.

    • Hi Kita,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes! You should definitely keep this one in mind! This is a wonderful first tablet. We are very impressed and love the affordability.

      Happy Cyber Monday,


  • That thing looks awesome! We are always sharing our tablets around here. I’ll have to check this out!

  • To be honest, I am struggling with the idea of young kids having a tablet. I believe we are too connected and kids become addicted very early. I do understand there are learning benefits, but I am not sold. My fiance wants to purchase his 5 year old a tablet. I disagree. If he purchases it, I hope he puts time constraints and only educational apps on it.

    • Hi Angela,

      I could not agree with you more. However, when you have older children blended with little ones, it is very hard to keep them away from the devices. The biggger kids have them, they want them too. It is just how it is around here. My suggestion is the same for your fianc, to only have educational games on it and to stay clear of any games that aren’t. Once you start putting other types of games on there, it is hard to go back.

      Best wishes,


  • I like the idea of different accounts. My boys are always complaining that the other did something to their games.

  • Okay, this is so cool! I love that it’s something the whole family could use!

  • My son is still happy with his LeapPad 2. He would love the Thomas & Friends kit though!

  • LOVE that they can each have their own account, definitely cuts down on the mini meltdowns!!

  • My kids all have Samsung Galaxy tables, all are teens. I think a Cameilio Tablet by vivitar would be a great first time tablet owner.

  • Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant! I’m the oldest of 6 kids (all grown up now) but we used to fight like cats and dogs over games and toys… I can only imagine how bad it would have been if we’d all had to share a tablet! Oy!!


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