Christmas Cocoa Food Gift in a Jar

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I love to make food gifts in jars. It’s such an easy and beautiful project to gift. I have made cookie and brownie mixes for baby shower party favor gifts in the past and they are always well received.  The cookie and brownie mixes are a little bit more work because I’ve had to print and cut out the recipe cards.  With this food gift in a jar, you just layer all of the ingredients and the recipient can pour everything into a cup with warm water and stir.  I think “heat, pour, stir, and go,” is self explanatory so I didn’t prepare or attach a directions card.  However, I would love for you to let me know in the comments below if you would like for me to prepare a printable directions card.  If I receive enough requests, I’ll see what I can come up with for you!

Christmas Cocoa in a Jar Food Gift

Christmas Cocoa in a Jar Recipe

(Recipe Makes 1 Jar Gift)  – – Download Recipe Card Here

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • 1/2 Cup Powdered Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa
  • 1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • 16 oz Mason Jar Mug
  • Wide Mouth Canning Funnel (Optional)
  • 3/8 or Smaller Christmas Ribbon (Optional)
  • Gift Tag (Optional)


Before you begin, clean, sanitize, and completely dry your Mason jar mug.

Set your canning funnel on the top rim of your Mason jar. Measure and pour powdered milk into the bottom of your jar. Gently flatten the powdered milk layer with a small rubber spatula or spoon before adding the next layer.

Next, layer the unsweetened cocoa powder. Flatten with your spatula/spoon.

Add the granulated sugar on top of the cocoa powder layer.

Top the last powdered ingredient layer with your semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Fill the remainder of the jar with mini marshmallows.

Optional: Decorate your jar gift with ribbon and a gift tag.


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34 thoughts on “Christmas Cocoa Food Gift in a Jar

  • This is a very clever, inexpensive and yummy gift idea. I love receiving these!

  • This is such a fun gift idea, I think it is meaningful too since you take the time to put it together. The jar is so pretty too! I am going to make some of these for my mommy friends. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I agree that gifts like this are especially appreciated. They don’t take a lot of time to prepare but they can be tailored to each recipient.

  • This cocoa recipe in a jar is such a fantastic idea. I would love to receive this as a gift as well as give it to someone!

  • I wish I would have seen this recipe before Christmas. My hubby bought all the bigger gifts he needed but wanted office personnel to have something. This was several people and this would have been perfect for me to make! Now I have their gifts for next year LOL

  • This makes a lovely gift and the presentation is great. I think this is particularly great for friends at the office to make while at work together

  • So cute and the jar is resusable. Love it!

  • This would make a great gift any time of year.

  • I have always loved to get this type of mason jar gift, but I have never given one. I will have to change that next year!

  • I am always wanting a gift for someone that needs something extra. What a wonderful idea and very much appreciated.

  • I love the presentation of this cocoa gift with all of the delicious ingredients nicely displayed and ready to use.

  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I want to send this next year to people for gifts.

  • I think handmade gifts mean so much more!

  • I went in a similar direction. I made home made caramel sauce and ganache for all of my neighbors. You could almost hear the sighs…

  • this is really a great ideal I think I should start looking for just the right containers for the mix. This would make a lot of great gifts and not cost a lot

  • I love receiving this gift. Every year, I can’t wait until cool weather starts….and someone shares a jar with me!

  • This looks so good. I need to make these, and other mason jar gifts. Not just for Christmas.

  • I made quite a few of these last Christmas and everyone loved them!

  • I would love to make these this year for family and friends such a nice gift.

  • I have done soup like this, but this is prettier.

  • I make several different food giftsin jars, mainly cookie ones. But I have never done cocoa, I think I will try it.

  • the best things about a gift like this…………….. IS EVERYTHING IS IN THE JAR I enjoy hot chocolate but never keep anything around to make it


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