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Christmas Wreath Redo!


A few years ago I found this old wreath at a rental property.  It was October and the wreath was still hanging from the year before.  While it was a little too artificial tree for me, I slapped a great bow on it and reused it outside on our mailbox for the past two Christmas’.   This year, I decided it needed a facelift.

I asked my husband to paint it white for me and he had a great idea to dip it in white paint… While I agree that it may look amazing, I’m not sure if I am quite ready to commit to such a messy project. I kept thinking “What would I do with it if it doesn’t work and never dries?”

While he wasn’t looking, I took off with a can of his spray paint and had at it myself.  After it dried I grabbed a roll of ribbon and a few old blue ornmaments out of holiday storage. We have had the tiny blue glass balls since our first Christmas, before the kids were born.  We don’t use them on the tree anymore so I thought they would be perfect for this project paired with some silver ribbon.

Wreath Redo Supplies

I decided to string the balls through the ribbon and loop it around the entire wreath.  I tied one end of my ribbon to the back/base of the wreath.  Next I unwound the entire spool of ribbon so I could get to the opposite end to begin stringing balls. I strung one ball at a time and looped the ribbon one time.  After each loop, I strung a new ball and looped again. I continued this process until I reached the starting point and was able to tie off the end to the back/base of the wreath. This is my finished project:

Upcycled Wreath

I thought I had an old silver bow I could repurpose but I haven’t found it yet.  I may have to run to the store and add one in, I haven’t decided.  My husband and oldest daughter like it without a bow, what do you think?  Should I keep going or stop?

Side by Side

My project recycled the wreath, ornaments, and some of my husband’s leftover spray paint.  My only purchase for this project was the ribbon (a whole ninety-seven cents at my local craft store).

Do you have an old wreath laying around you would like to repurpose?

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14 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath Redo!

  • Love both of your wreaths! I wasn’t sure of the white spray paint….but I like it! I would add a bow…for me, wreaths aren’t complete with one! Thanks for some good ideas on repurposing my old worn out wreaths.

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  • I love the frosty look. Less expensive to do it this way then buy one at a store too.

  • It turned out so cute! I have a somewhat strange extreme love for weaths!

  • I love what you did here . Its a nice way to save a little money have something new and so pretty

  • What a great looking wreath! I would love to make one!

  • What a fun idea. I have never thought about spray-painting a wreath, but that seems very do-able, especially in winter when I can work outside while all of my “helpers” stay inside where it’s cozy.

  • These are really great. Thanks for the clever wreath re-do ideas!

  • What a great idea, it looks so good! I love wreaths and think it would be so fun to make my own. You could change it up for every holiday, too!

  • This is so pretty! Thanks for the great idea.


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