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Seven babies, and seven adorable heads with cradle cap later, I can tell you the best thing you are going to find to help relieve your baby is Coconut Essentials! Don’t be embarrassed.  Your baby isn’t the only one with it, I promise! I haven’t met a baby yet who didn’t need a little something to help with cradle cap. The founder of Coconut Essentials is a mother of four who created a Coconut Baby product to use on her little ones for their sensitive skin, eczema, and cradle cap. She also used the product as a pregnant belly moisturizer for myself to relieve her dry itchy skin from getting stretch marks. After creating something chemical free, dye free, and free of perfumes she launched Coconut Essentials! She has since expanded her product lineup to include a baby vapor rub, a moisturizing face oil, and a body butter! Essentials for both mom and baby! Check them out below.

Enter to Win Coconut Essentials!

Coconut Essentials 100% Natural and Organic Everyday Body Butter Moisturizer

100% Natural and Organic Everyday Body Butter Moisturizer. The natural formula is made with just six ingredients, and provides a natural and safe way to prevent and relieve skin that is dry, red, cracked, or stretched. The Coconut Essentials Body Butter enhances the skin, leaving it a natural “glow.”

All-Natural and Organic Everyday Face Oil Moisturizer. Use the Everyday Face Oil to diminish the look of wrinkles. Many customers also use it as a makeup primer or includes it in their acne topical regimen! Coconut Essentials alcohol-free Face Oil actually helps reduce your oil production, decrease the size of pores, AND prevent breakouts.

Coconut Essentials All Natural Products for Mom and Baby

Coconut Essentials Organic Baby Chest Rub is made with 100% organic, pure, and premium ingredients, and is safe to use on baby and adults with sensitive skin. It’s natural formula provides a natural and safe way to relieve sinus congestion and coughs.

100% Natural and Organic COCONUT BABY Moisturizer. Parents and grandparents cannot get enough of COCONUT BABY and neither will you! It is the best combination of organic, pure, and premium oils for your baby’s hair and skin. Coconut Essentials’ natural formula provides a natural and safe way to cure and relieve many skin problems, such as, Cradle Cap, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Eczema, Diaper Rash, Stretch Marks, and Cracked Nipples.


3 Uses for Coconut Essentials #CoconutEssentials


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3 Uses for Coconut Essentials #CoconutEssentials

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17 thoughts on “Enter to Win Mom & Baby Prize Pack from Coconut Essentials! US Only, Ends 8/29

  • My son had a horrible case of cradle cap..

  • My son did have cradle cap when he was a young baby.

  • I don’t have a little one but my niece does and he has cradle cap!

  • Yes when my son was born he had cradle cap.

  • All of mine had a little cradle cap when they were born. Coconut oil was super helpful! My youngest still has it a little. He has eczema too, so we just do the best we can to keep his skin healthy.

  • I have 4 kids my oldest 3 had cradle cap and my youngest has not had it !

  • Yes, one of ours had cradle cap. A very mild case.

  • None of my little guys had it!

  • Yes, my son had cradle cap. I wish these products had been around then.

  • My oldest and youngest had cradle cap. Coconut oil was a lifesaver for sure!

  • My two youngest grandbabies have it. I would love to try this on their cradle cap.

  • Claire has had a bit of cradle cap but we have mostly avoided it. However, would be great to have a product that works because it will surely be back! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!


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