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Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House Gift Set

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The Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House has my girls all in a tizzy!  They saw the box when it arrived and immediately knew “that’s mine, gimmie gimmie gimmie.” 

Our favorite feature was the spin compartment that unlocked the accessories.  We haven’t seen anything like that before. It was remnicient of a bubble gum or dime toy machine to me. Who doesn’t remember the surprise of waiting for that capsule to drop down from the machine?  As a child, that was pure joy and so is this!

Tip! Look out for the rare character!

Her onesie glows in the dark!

Introducing Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House with all new Fantasy characters! The magical water-activated Paci House opens in water! Use the pipette to drop some tears, and like magic, it will pop open! Unveil the cutest glittery Cry Baby Magic Tears characters. This set comes with 8 fun accessories; four core and four unique. Spin a special compartment to reveal each fun accessory. For even more magic, the doll cries colorful tears! They’re blue! There are 6+ surprise dolls to collect! Find the Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House at Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

Play & Have Fun with the Cry Babies!

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4 thoughts on “Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House Gift Set

  • These are adorable little babies, I know my daughters would love them! I really like all of the mini toys that have been coming out, they are all so cute! Thank you so much for a great gift idea!

  • Magical little wonder for little girls. I love all the surprising features!


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