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Women in the Workforce: 8 Ways You Can Be a Better Boss!

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For more than ten years I prided myself on being a mom who had it all! I was working a full-time job as a Legal Assistant, going to school full-time, AND a mom to two beautiful children! Those years taught me a lot about life, parenting, and how to run a business.  It also taught me a lot about how NOT to run a business!  As a working mother we have sacrifices that most employers don’t realize, it makes all the difference in the world when your boss cares about you and your work environment.  If you are a female leader in the workforce, take note, and make changes when and where you can!  Make your employees love where they work and they will love you in return!  I read an article recently that employees will stay with a company they feel is loyal to them/puts them first versus a company that pays more.  If you have a high turn-over rate at your office, change it!  Take a look at these eight ways you can be a better boss.

How to Make Your Employees Fall In Love With Your Office Space?

Do you want to give your office a spectacular makeover that will help in making your employees fall in love with space? Well, there are several little nips and tucks that you can do that can make this possible. Today, we have put together some unique and effective ideas that will make the workplace more employee friendly and visually pleasing. Your employees will fall in love with the office after you give it this basic transformation. Here’s everything you need to know:

Make It All About A Team And A Community

If you make your office atmosphere one where all the employees feel like they are part of a big team or a community, they will be more motivated to work and to come to the office. An office space where employees are non-interactive and left alone to their own work can prove to be extremely dull, boring and depressing. You need to create an exciting and electric interactive energy in the office where the employees are more like family members instead of just colleagues. This interactive vibe at the office will really help in making the employees fall in love with the office.

Remodel The Interiors If Required

Is your basic office vibe a 9 to 5 job behind a computer and on a tiny desk? Well, that needs to change immediately if you want your staff members to fall in love with your office. Nowadays, most employees want a freer and more open space to work in. Nobody likes to be confined to a tiny desk and chair. A large number of multinational corporate organizations from across the globe are now providing better interiors, seating arrangements and furniture to their staff members. People are installing beanbags, couches, common workspaces with large tables and other such furniture. Comfortable work areas inspire employees to work longer hours and also make them love the office.

Remodeling Your Office for Better Productivity #Office #OfficeRemodel

Add Beautiful Wall Panels To The Office Interiors

Adding a little color and vibrancy to the office can play a major role in making the office more lively and increasing the love that your employees have for the office. You can use hanging acoustic panels to add life to the walls and make space look more classy and less dull. Alternatively, you can even use acoustic ceiling panels to bring the ceiling lower and give the office a cozier vibe. Some people even opt for acoustic fabric panels for their office spaces. The best part about installing acoustic soundproofing panels or any other kinds of wall panels is that they play a very important role in ensuring that noise and office conversations aren’t carried out of the office and they also hide those ugly wall flaws perfectly. Contrary to popular belief, wall panels can be pretty affordable and budget-friendly. You can get wall panels that suit the rest of the interiors of your office. Even visitors and clients who come down for a visit will fall in love with the office after the installation of the panels!

Ensure That The Lighting Quality Of The Office Is Perfect

Working under imperfect lighting can be an absolute hassle particularly when your employees have to work very long hours. If the lights are too dim it can make it difficult for employees to get work and detailing done properly and it can also make them feel extremely lazy or sleepy. On the other hand, if the lights are far too bright, it can make the employees very irritable, cranky and can even give them headaches. The lighting of the office needs to be just the right amount of bright. You can even get rid of old school light structures and replace them with wall lights, rope lights, hanging lights, table lights and more.

Add A Game Room To The Office

Inspiration often hits in the most unlikely of places. If employees are going to be glued to their desks all day without any breaks, it will only demotivate them, make them dislike the workplace and will reduce their efficiency and productivity. A lot of corporate organizations are now installing game rooms in the office. These game rooms have ping pong tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables and other such fun games. Playing these games in their free time can help employees relax and unwind and it will also play a major role in making the employees love the office!

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Add A Garden Area To The Office

Being around nature automatically makes a person love the space. If you have an office with a big balcony or outdoor space, you should seriously consider installing a gorgeous garden setup. You can even add seating arrangements in the garden space along with a Wi-Fi connection so that when employees are looking to get some air and inspiration they can sit outdoors and work on their laptops or maybe even just sit outdoors to put together new ideas for a project.

Offer Flexibility In Timings And The Work Routine

You don’t necessarily need to have a 40 hour week. You can allow employees to come to work at timings that are convenient to them and at the same time give them the freedom to work from home when required. This will help in making employees love the office environment and the office. If they aren’t stuck for 8 hours a day at the office they will enjoy their time at the office a lot more than those people who are forced to be at the office for long hours.

Making the office a space that employees love is easy and simple. You don’t even need to spend absurd sums of money to make the office a better and nicer space. These simple tips and suggestions are just what you need to follow to ensure that your employees love the office!

Looking to make your office a space that employees love? Just follow these tried and tested ideas and tips and see the transformation in the attitude of your valued employees!

8 Ways You Can Be a Better Boss #MomBoss #WomanatWork #WorkingMom

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2 thoughts on “Women in the Workforce: 8 Ways You Can Be a Better Boss!

  • I especially like the idea of being flexible with work schedules. That opens up your potential pool of workers, too.


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