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Tips for Creating Modern Christmas & Holiday Cards!

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When I was a child Christmas cards were a huge deal! Back then, an entire wall of our dining room was covered, floor to ceiling, with cards! Everyday of December felt like Christmas because we had new cards to open each afternoon when we grabbed the mail.  Now, we just get to wait around until Christmas to get our surprises.  That’s certainly no fun!  I want cards again y’all!  Let’s bring real cards back in style this Christmas!  I want to see pictures of your kids! I want to see your new home and celebrate the amazing year you just had!  Send me a Christmas cards photo with the picture of your new baby.

Christmas is the time of year when we should be sharing our joys and spreading love and happiness.  Do you know how to do that?  It starts with a card!

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How to Choose Holiday Cards at Basic Invite

Basic Invite has roughly 800 Holiday cards to choose from.  Knowing the type of card you want before you shop is very helpful in selecting your Christmas card this year. The first question I like to ask myself is, do I want a card that opens, or no?  If you know the answer, choose the number of folds you prefer from the menu just below the header image on the holiday cards page at Basic Invite.  The most popular version right now is going to be the zero fold card. I think everyone loves these the most because they make the perfect Christmas cards photo. You can frame them nicely and they can be saved in your photo album too!  Will your holiday card have a photo on it? Choose the photo or non photo selection from the search menu.

Lastly, choose your theme! Did you have a new baby this year? Get married? Adopt a dog? Move to the beach? or have some other special thing you want to share with your friends and family?  Choose your theme to narrow down your search even more!

Once you have chosen your desired card, it’s the fun part — customizing your holiday cards photo!  Customizing your holiday cards at Basic Invite only takes minutes using their online editing tool, but is a lot of fun! Play around with color, patterns, and your message. Change everything you want — even the pattern design on the backside of the card can be edited! May the Christmas card you send this holiday season be a true reflection of you and your family!

“HELP! Basic Invite is Amazing,
but I can never remember to mail my cards!”

Do you struggle with actually mailing your Christmas cards?

(Victoria raises hand sheepishly)

Basic Invite knows that people like us exist. We mean well, we love designing and buying our cards, but it’s that other part we just don’t love so much!  I’m happy to tell you that Basic Invite has a solution for us! Let Basic Invite’s exclusive mailing service mail your cards for you this year!  (YESSS!!!) Visit Basic Invite now to learn more!

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Creating Modern Christmas & Holiday Cards!

  • 2 years ago I made cards from homemade paper & they were so nice. Unfortunately I didn’t save one for myself😞but I keep saying I’m gonna do it again. This year I’m making journals out of brown bag paper purchased at home depot. You cut it to size, wet it & crumple, hang up to dry & looks a lot like handmade paper. Wish me luck as I still have several left to put together!

  • fantastic. we have family pics next weekend. i will have to check them out. i have such a hard time picking out which picture i want and which card is best! love this!!!!! 🙂


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