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How to Create Custom High Quality Sticker Gifts from StickerYou

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I love a great sticker.  I mean a GREAT sticker.  My favorite are the die-cut kind.  You know, the stickers that are cut to form the shape of the image?  Anytime I purchase stickers, I go straight for the die-cut stickers because they have a high quality look and feel that makes my child-like heart scream with delight! I don’t even like to use them on anything, I just love the way they feel.  Like collector cards or keepsakes.  Yeah, I know “Why get stickers if you don’t plan to stick them on anything?” Really, I just love the way they look and feel! Sometimes I will get two of the same sticker so I can save one in our family scrapbook, and use the other on something (like a cup, organizer bin, or my laptop.)

Last month I learned there’s a new way to get my hands on high quality Die-Cut Stickers!  I can make them… on. my. own!  I can even order pre-made designs from my family’s favorite brands too!  Do you have a kid who LOVES stickers as much as I do? Are you having a hard time trying to find the perfect sticker to add to their collection this Christmas?  Make your own die-cut sticker and choose the “Browse StickerYou” option to find Sticker Art from your favorite DC Comics, Lego, Peanuts, Max & Ruby and MORE! Honestly, the hardest decision you will make is when you try to choose just one!  I don’t think I can do it! I want to buy them all!

Custom StickerYou Die Cut Stickers! Use the StickerYou Editor to Make Custom Die-Cut Sticker Singles! #StickerYou

About StickerYou Die-Cut Stickers

StickerYou stickers are writable with permanent marker, removeable without residue (and my mommy brain says “Whew hoo!”), waterproof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and come in ANY size and shape! Die-cut stickers are printed on high quality vinyl approximately 0.15mm in thickness. For a little perspective, that’s the same thickness as your average cardstock paper! See what I mean about the “feel” of the die-cut sticker? That extra thickness makes them feel high quality when you hold them (… that’s because they are!)

Another notable feature of StickerYou is they allow you to create, design, and order SINGLE STICKERS! There’s no minimum quantity rule to abide by!  If you want just one sticker, you get just one sticker! BUT, if you do plan to order multiple stickers in the same design, you can grab hold of an amazing discount too! Either way you win!

MORE from StickerYou

StickerYou offers so many products I’m a little like a kid in the candy store when I visit their virtual store.  They offer everything from stickers, labels, temporary tattoos, iron-on transfers, and a LOT more at great prices!  With so many amazing choices available at StickerYou, it can be hard to decide what to buy (Gah! I want it all!!!) If you aren’t sure where to begin with StickerYou, grab their samples! It’s free! Order your FREE sample pack so you can take a look for yourself before you buy.  Order your StickerYou sample pack today!

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Custom temporary tattoos make a fun and unique addition to any occasion or promotional event #StickerYou #CustomTempTattoos Label it, Don't Lose it! Whether it's name labels or water bottle labels, your kids will love getting stickered with StickerYou! Personalizable and waterproof, StickerYou labels will last forever on your child's favourite things, but won't leave a sticky residue when it's time for a change. #StickerYou #kidsLabelsCustom StickerYou Die Cut Stickers! Use the StickerYou Editor to Make Custom Die-Cut Sticker Singles! #StickerYou

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  • This sounds like a great site. I am going to tell my fiance’ about this because he might want to make some for his small business.

  • These look really nice. They’d be great for businesses, sports teams, schools, etc.


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