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DIY Stamped Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper Tutorial

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As soon as the Christmas supplies hit our local stores, I went on a hunt for great wrapping paper that I could use as a backdrop for the Gift Guide photos. I didn’t find anything that would work.  I was so disappointed. Everything out there this year is super shiny, characters, or just not anything close to what I envisioned.  I really love a great brown craft paper with simple designs.  Instead, I decided to skip the designs altogether, and just get plain craft paper that I can dress up with dollar store ribbons, natural ropes, AND let my kids decorate.  As you can guess, my kids were quick to jump on the paint your own wrapping paper project!

Craft Supplies needed to stamp your own Christmas wrapping paper with paint and potato #GreenChristmas #DIYChristmas #KidsCrafts

Having recently moved back to Idaho, I know that potatoes are used in more ways than just eating! Small potatoes are also perfect for little hands to use as a stamp! That’s exactly what we are going to do with this plain paper!

Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper Tutorial


  • 1 Roll Brown Craft Paper
  • 1 Small Potato
  • Small Carving Knife
  • Kid-Safe Green Finger Paint
  • Scissors (optional)


Parents only. Slice potato in half lengthwise. Use a small carving knife to cut out your Christmas tree design into the potato. You will only want to cut down about a centimeter, just enough to create the design but not enough to cut through to the exterior of your potato. Once you have your tree design cut into the center of your potato, cut away the excess to “raise” the tree, making the stamp (see photo).

Unroll the desired amount of craft paper onto your art table. Set something heavy (like a vegetable can) on the corners to secure your paper in place.

Pour finger paint onto a paper plate and gently dip your potato stamp into the paint.  Stamp potato tree onto the face side of your craft paper. Repeat.

Tip: Change directions and stagger the stamp to avoid creating a line of trees (unless that’s the look you/your child wants). 

Allow painted trees to completely dry before rolling up the paper or wrapping your gifts with it.

Dispose of your potato stamp when you are finished.

Use a potato stamp to stamp a christmas tree on your brown paper bag wrapping paper #GreenChristmas

Wrap Christmas Presents in DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper this year! #GreenChristmas #DIYChristmas

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25 thoughts on “DIY Stamped Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper Tutorial

  • This will be a really fun craft project to do with my granddaughters.

  • This is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a wonderful idea! I love anything homemade from wrapping paper to cards to presents.

    • Wow, what a brilliant idea! I have definitely never thought to carve a stamp in a potato before, how cool! And your paper turned out so good! I am going to try this, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Love this idea, it’s great for the kids to make their own wrapping paper then wrap the gifts they give.

  • Good idea for gift wrapping and family time activity with grands.

  • This is great. It’s seems more affordable and recyclable (and personalized) than regular wrapping paper!

  • I do like this Christmas tree stamp idea! So creative and fun to do also!

  • I love this. It would be fun to do with my grandchildren (next year).

  • This is super cute and love the idea. I think the kids will have so much fun stamping the gifts and get them excited about the season.

  • I used craft paper with some Christmas stickers and bows this year. I so like this idea with the potatoes that I would love to try it for other gift wrapping occasions. What fun.

  • This is such a cute idea! I love it!

  • This was awesome. I’m always looking for creative ideas for gifting.

  • That’s a great project to do with kids! Very creative!

  • My great niece (5) loves to craft with me. And I love finding new and fun things for her to do. saving this information and will be making Christmas paper next year to wrap all the stuff she makes

  • I so love using my stamps and this is a cute and clever idea. Thanks for sharing this one I will so do it this year.


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