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How Grocery Shopping Can Help Children with Feeding Disorders

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My son loves going grocery shopping with me because it means he can help choose the foods we will have available for him that week. I have never allowed one of my children to choose meals before, but as a parent who is trying to avoid a feeding tube for their child, you are willing to try nearly anything to get them to eat!  ANYTHING! We even give in to the foods we wouldn’t usually buy because we just want him to eat something. I was recently pleading with him to visit the fruit and vegetable aisle with me to see if anything looked appealing and he refused.  His only idea of fruit is an orange or pineapple, anything aside from those two, he won’t consider anything else. He wouldn’t even visit the produce section of the store at all — not without a little extra encouragement anyway!

Using HuePets at the Grocery Store! Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Fun!

While working on a Kickstarter campaign with HueTrition I learned about their HuePets app and I couldn’t wait to show my son!  This app encourages children to look at food in terms of color. Yes, color! Color coding food is a concept that many children on the spectrum can really get behind! Connect the concept to an app like HuePets and it’s a true home run! My son was instantly intrigued and wanted to go shopping right away so he could get started feeding his HuePet!

They are what YOU eat! HuePets makes it fun for kids to eat healthy and try new foods!

HuePets is easy for children to use and will encourage them to start looking at food in a new way.  For me, just getting my son to look at food is half the battle.  Once he started looking at foods, taking pictures of them, and feeding his HuePet, he become curious about what those foods taste like. All it took was downloading a free app, scanning real-life meals to feed the HuePet, and unlocking prizes to get my son to look at real fruits and vegetables for the first time. Right alongside him taking his pet from a little egg to a HueMaster, I witnessed him go from being oblivious to healthy foods, to trying them for the first time! (Yay for Plums!)

Using HuePets at the Grocery Store! Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Fun! #HuePets

Using HuePets at the Grocery Store! Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt!

Get started quick! Introduce your Child to HuePets with a fun afternoon scavenger hunt at your favorite grocery store! Download the HuePets app and go! While you are there, look for colorful foods to feed your HuePet!  Try to get at least one food from each color group and watch your HuePet hatch right before you eyes! When you get home, don’t forget to have your child scanning in their colorful meals to continue to feed their HuePet!  Login to the parent dashboard online to set goals and your own rewards to continue the encouragement and FUN! Choose from popular rewards or set your own! My son asked if we could upgrade his favorite online gaming subscription, “Sure sweetie, I’m happy to do that, but let’s set that as a reward for meeting your next goal on HuePets!”

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THERE’S MORE!  Once you introduce your child(ren) to HuePets and new fruits and vegetables, you can start sharing other HueApproved foods with them too!  Add HueApproved foods to next week’s scavenger hunt or look for ideas on how to incorporate them into your family’s diet via HueTrition’s HueTube Channel.

Are you ready to help your child look at food in a new way?
Look for HuePets on Google Play and the App Store!

Using HuePets at the Grocery Store! Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Fun! #HuePets

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4 thoughts on “How Grocery Shopping Can Help Children with Feeding Disorders

  • Grocery shopping is more fun than it was when I was a kid, lol. Thanks for posting!

  • What a great ideal is your son still trying new foods? I had a friend that could not get her daughter to eat, she made her drink a lot pedia sure she needs to check this out

  • Helpful handy app, definitely lots of ways to shop smart

  • My grandson has issues with textures especially when it comes to food . At the age of 7 he is just starting to eat solids . I try to let him feel the different textures of food while we shop


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