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Christmas in July: Best Girly Christmas Gifts for Girls from SmitCo

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Journaling is such an important tool for us women to use to help manage our day-to-day life, and for brain health and wellness.  Don’t wait until your daughter is a teenager to teach journaling, start now with this cute gift set from SmitCo!

Girly girls love girly things! Our desk tools and journals are more likely to be utilized when we actually enjoy looking at them! I don’t know about you, but I really love writing in beautifully bound journal versus the dollar store spiral pad. So do our girls!  They don’t want to write about their day on just anything! They want to draw and write in a journal that is just for them! A journal like this Top Secret Journal Set, Emoji Diary (shown below):

SmitCo Gifts for Girls for Christmas, Birthday, and everything in between! #GirlyChristmas #GiftsforGirls

The SmitCo diary is 6.5 x 5 x 1 inch with 100 double-sided lined pages. Although as parents we try to reinforce that we actually do want to respect our children’s privacy, very few girls actually think that their family won’t try to read their journal.  This hardcover locking diary will keep your daughter’s writing safe with an invisible ink pen and blue light. Until she knows (without a doubt) that her privacy won’t be invaded, these safety measures will give her the peace of mind knowing that she is free to express whatever feelings she wishes, in her own diary.

The emoji themed journal set also includes:

  1. Stickers to personalize the notebook
  2. An invisible ink pen with blue light to show what has been written
  3. A small clip on LED light that can work as a bookmark as well

MORE Holiday Gift Ideas from SmitCo!

Do you have a little girl who loves girly things, but maybe no emojis? No worries!  SmitCo has cute sticker and journaling sets for the little girl who loves horses, mermaids, unicorns, furbabies (pets), spa fun, and kids jewelry too! I’m a little in love with the horse scrapbook and toddler jewelry sets!

Amazon Shopping Tip: Look for the “…apply this coupon.”

checkboxes below the price on select SmitCo gifts!

About SmitCo:

SmitCo has several ideas for keeping the girly girls in your life happy! First, they aim to help you find gifts at the tips of your fingers all year-round without having to search your local stores to get what you’re looking for.  If you are looking for a great girly gift, just visit SmitCo at their online shop anytime of day and there it is! They have a wide selection of gifts for girls.

Lastly, Francina Smit is a grandmother and mother herself. She’s grateful to all of the customers who choose SmitCo to help you spoil their girls with love and happiness. SmitCo shares Mommy’s Playbook’s holiday motto, it isn’t about the gifts, it’s about building memories!

Visit SmitCo online and at Amazon to find the perfect gift for your girly girl this Christmas.

SmitCo Gifts for Girls for Christmas, Birthday, and everything in between! #GirlyChristmas #GiftsforGirls

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