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Have a Very Merry Gululu Christmas!

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My kids Christmas lists seem to be growing by the day, but there is one thing my five year-old daughter has had her heart set on for several months now — her own Gululu!  She has been begging for her own Gululu for (what feels like) forever. She wants a pink one. She wants a purple one.  She wants a blue one with a purple lid.  Honestly, I think she just wants one she doesn’t have to share with her brothers, and I don’t think the color matters nearly as much as she lets on.

Her biggest thing is she wants her own Gululu Pet.  When we setup her little brother’s Gululu a few months back she begged him to let her pick out his pet and he wouldn’t let her.  She was heartbroken.  Although he lets her use Gululu almost anytime she wants, she still mentions that she wanted him to pick a different character out for the progress game/activity.  I can not wait to see the look on her face when she opens up her own Gululu on Christmas morning!  She is going to be thrilled! — I’m going to have to record it for you so you can see what I mean.

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle for Boys and Girls! Help your pet grow by drinking! Now in 3D!

What’s Gululu?

Gululu is the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated…

Gululu is the interactive water bottle that helps keep your child hydrated while keeping them engaged by watering their own Gululu pet. Did you know that properly hydrating your children can enhance mood, sleep, cognition and concentration? Gululu opens the door to a healthy lifestyle for children ages three and up.  Mom and Dad even have their own app to track fluid intake too — no cheating also — Gululu senses when children try to water the plants or pour out their drink to get ahead!

This fun interactive water bottle was even

featured in Forbes as one of the top 5 best kids gadgets!

Why does my daughter want one? No, she didn’t read about it in Forbes (smile), she wants her own pet!

The fun Gululu bottle features a pet- tamagucci like that grows and goes through underwater adventures as she drinks. The pet grows happier and evolves and can even interact with other. This constant interaction both entertains and encourages beneficial habit formation.

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Keeping things fresh and updated for the kids is just one of the many reasons we love Gululu!

Gululu is always looking for new ways to encourage children to stay hydrated, that’s why they work so hard to update the Gululu world to keep active users still striving to reach their goals.  A few months back they rolled out a new 3D look AND a new layer called “Wonder Woods”.

Ima is the home planet of our Gululus. It is a water-based planet made up of many layers.  Each layer has its own climate, characteristics and special creatures (like the different regions on our own planet!) The first layer of Ima is called “Ocean Brim”, followed by “Wonder Woods”… As you drink more water, you will help your Gululu pass through each of these layers, to eventually save the Grand Dream Guardian in the center!

Is hydration important to you?  After my son was hospitalized for dehydration back in 2014 we have made hydration a major priority in our home.  It’s truly something that can easily get away from us if we don’t set aside time to monitor.  When Gululu stepped in for me back in 2016 I was very grateful.  It helped me teach my 7 year old how to stay hydrated without me constantly asking (or — ugh — nagging.)  You can read more about our journey with Gululu HERE.

If you don’t have Gululu on your Christmas list yet, pencil it in! 

Gululu is a wonderful gift children will want to use everyday!

Find Gululu on Amazon!

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