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Changing Hydration On The Go with the New Gululu-Go Interactive Water Bottle!

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My family fell in love with Gululu two years ago and I cannot wait to tell you how excited I am to share this new addition to the Gululu family!  It’s called Gululu-Go and this interactive water bottle has so many wonderful features your kids will be begging you for ideas on how to use their new carrying loop!

Just looking at the specs tells me that Gululu really has absorbed all of the feedback they have received from parents over the years.  This new Gululu-Go kids water bottle has a better spout, latch-close lid, carrying loop, and several other upgrades that I will tell you more about below!  But first, I have to tell you about my favorite feature! As I said before, Gululu has been a wonderful kids water bottle to my children.  Receiving one has become a right of passage as each toddler/preschooler couldn’t wait until they could have “their very own Gululu!” My five year old daughter still obsesses over making sure her lid doesn’t stay off of her bottle unless she is actively drinking from Gululu! That alone may be one of the best reasons I am celebrating the Gululu-Go!  Gululu-Go has an amazing flip-top, latch-close lid and that means my daughter can rest assured that her brother’s won’t be able to take off with her lid anymore! You have no idea how hard it has been to keep HER lid separate and away from the boys! It’s a mother’s nightmare, trust me!  The boys purposely take it because they know how protective she is of her Gululu.  Siblings are amazing… but… sometimes…brothers are just not as nice to sister as we all dream like.

Introducing GululuGo, the interactive water bottle

that takes you beyond your imagination.

What is Gululu Go? ​Gululu-Go is an interactive water bottle that is great for kids health as it keeps your children hydrated and informs parents of their children’s water intake via a connected smartphone app. It is Bowhead-Technology’s 2nd interactive water bottle in the Gululu family. Gululu-Go ensures that children stay hydrated by engaging them to care for a virtual pet. As kids drink more water from their Gululu-Go, their chosen virtual pet grows and makes friends. At the same time, Gululu-Go keeps parents informed of their children’s hydration progress through a connected smartphone app.  It’s an amazing device because, not only, are kids hydrating more because they want to continue taking care of their virtual pet, but parents can reaffirm that their kids ARE actually drinking because they can SEE IT on the app.  This information is invaluable when you are discussing your children’s health and hydration with your pediatrician.  Any parent who has had a child hospitalized for dehydration, like I have, can tell you that being able to KNOW your child is drinking adequately is a blessing. Are your kids drinking enough?  Find out HERE.

The Gululu-Go! Cool new specs and upgrades! #MyGululu #GululuGo #KidsWaterBottle

Gululu Go’s New Features Will Include:

  • Speaker that enables the virtual pets to talk and play sound effects and voice stories
  • Small Size – light, easy to carry and portable
  • Special cap and Spout – attached to bottle and easier for drinking
  • Latch for easy on-the-go scenarios
  • Improved material – better Tritan inner layering
  • Magnetic Charging Cable – more portable and still cool


*35% off Pre-Sale


Gululu Go Complies with COPPA – “children’s online privacy protection act.”

*Offer ends June 24th.  Learn more at

First Look at Bowhead Technology's latest Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, the Gululu-Go!! #Gululu #GululuUniverse #MyGululu #GululuGo

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11 thoughts on “Changing Hydration On The Go with the New Gululu-Go Interactive Water Bottle!

  • Fun way for kids to drink water. So important for them to stay hydrated!

  • These bottles are so nice. Great way to get kids to drink water!

  • Whoever thought of this is GENIUS!!!

  • Good way to encourage them. I’m glad the lid stays with the bottle now.

  • Oh wow, this is the ultimate water bottle. It’s very cool. Thanks for posting!

  • I wish I had had one of those when I was young. I have a problem staying hydrated often. Maybe if I had had one of those I could have made it a habit sooner.

  • Thoughtful design and effective in hydration encouragement


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