5 Easily Neglected Areas Around Your Home

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Cleaning and taking care of your house sounds so easy, but there are definitely certain areas around the inside and outside of your home that can easily escape our attention. It’s actually pretty frustrating occasionally – you think you are doing a great job taking care of your home only to look under your bed to find hairballs and dust balls rolling around and you feel as if you are back to square one.

Everyone wants a spotless house – a home that is clean, relaxing, and of course, smells amazing. We spend so much time trying to make this happen for ourselves, but to truly live in a clean place, we need to make sure that we are not neglecting certain areas. In addition, we also need to make sure that we are giving ourselves grace because there is no such thing as a perfectly clean house when you are living your life in it.

If you are wanting to get some fall cleaning done, then this list of easily neglected areas around your home is for you. In addition to your normal cleaning habits, incorporate these things into your routine a few times a year and you will be on your way to a spotless house year-round:

The Walls and Baseboards

Have you ever cleaned your walls? Most people don’t clean them because 1) you don’t think about it regularly and 2) it can be hard to think that they actually get dirty. If you have little ones running around your house, then you know that you will occasionally have drawings on your wall that you have to scrub off, but on a daily basis, do you ever think about the fact that dust is collecting on the walls – low and high? Probably not. Don’t feel like you need to scrub them. If you keep up with them, you can just dust them to remove all of the dust – it’s easy if you keep up with them. For baseboards, if they are very dirty, you might need to scrub a bit, but after the initial scrubbing, they should be relatively easy to maintain.

Tips for Cleaning Under Large Furniture

Under Large Furniture

Like I mentioned above, you have probably seen the dust balls rolling around under your large furniture such as beds and couches. Every so often, these areas should probably be cleaned – especially if you store things under your bed! If you have items stored under your bed, go through them and make sure that you cannot get rid of or donate any of those items. Then, remove all of the dust and grime that has accumulated. You shouldn’t need to do this very often unless you have pets (of course, that’s a whole other post – Ha!)

The Exterior Of Your Home

You’re tackling the inside of your home, but what about the outside? I’m sure that at this point, you are exhausted, so why not hire someone to help you out? House washing is extremely important when it comes to removing exterior stains, filth, and grime. House washing is a very simple way to keep your house looking it’s best and unfortunately, it is one type of maintenance that is often forgotten about. If you are experiencing exterior stains, I would highly consider having your home soft washed. It’s an effective way to clean the exterior of your home without causing damage since it is so gentle. Soft washing ensures that your home is not damaged and that the paint is not stripped or removed.

ZAP Cleaning is the #1 company in Florida that provides this service. Based out of Sarasota, they say, “A cleaning solution is created with your particular home in mind. This can vary based on a number of factors. Each unique home needs to be washed in a different way. Before the cleaning begins, the solution is put onto your house. These solutions aren’t harsh, so they can sit on the surface for a while without causing damage.

Once the solution has had time to get to the surface, the surface can be washed with water. The water used in soft washing is very gentle. It’s nothing like a power washer, which could cause damage to your house. The solution works to destroy any algae and dirt that might be on the side of your home.

Finally, the surface will look as good as new. It won’t show any damage from the cleaning, due to the soft washing techniques. These techniques can be used on homes or on commercial buildings. Using house washing on commercial buildings can lead to more business because potential clients or customers will want to come in.”

ZAP Cleaning is committed to providing Sarasota, Florida with services that truly last. Their soft washer team has years of experience that knows the ins and outs of soft washing services. They use high-quality detergents, the safest water pressures, and the best equipment. For fast and reliable exterior house cleaning services, call ZAP Cleaning up today!

ZAP Cleaning Soft Wash

Small Items

Now, this one is really important, especially since flu season is already starting up. We forget about smaller items such as switches, door knobs, faucets, and TV remotes, but these things are probably the most important aspect of cleaning when you are in flu season because they hold tons of germs and bacteria. To me, a clean home = a healthy home, so make sure you are disinfecting these items.


Last but not least, a lot of us forget about curtains – both normal curtains and shower curtains, as well. Shower curtains should be cleaned regularly as they are typically exposed to moisture, making it very easy for mold to form. Normal curtains are typically forgotten by many, as well, but they carry quite a bit of dust and household odors. To clean them, run a brush attachment over them and then wash them by hand, or in the washing machine.

What is the Most Neglected Area of Your Home?

Tell us what you’re doing to overcome this problem in the comments below.

Home Cleaning Tips for the 5 Most Neglected Areas of Your Home

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10 thoughts on “5 Easily Neglected Areas Around Your Home

  • These nice often not cared for parts are key to making a big difference. Good to know.

  • Keeping our homes clean is such a big job but I find if I break it down by doing something extra every day it helps. I really appreciate you sharing these suggestions. This is so true about these areas.

  • Until I read your article I never really thought about it! Thanks!

  • Theses are great things that are easily skipped over when cleaning, thanks for sharing! I always try to break everything down by day so I am not overwhelmed. Of course I have always loved making lists.

  • Keeping these areas clean can make a huge difference. I really appreciate your post. I have a list of things to clean so I don’t miss anything

  • Good suggestions for those big cleaning days every few months to really be thorough. Having someone do the outside of our house would be great.

  • As I age and work full time I am having a harder time getting everything done. I do get my baseboards done frequently as I wash my floors on my hands and knees and do the baseboards at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • I agree especially my hubby’s collections of small objects, LOL


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