How to Set Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

I am in LOVE with these great infographics I have found for y’all this Thanksgiving. This one is really wonderful for those of us who can never remember how to properly set our dining table.  For three hundred and sixty (plus) days per year I am lucky if a napkin makes it to the table before we sit for dinner! At Thanksgiving, I really enjoy a nicely set table – even if it is just my husband and the kids joining me. My kids get such a kick out of me pulling out the “good stuff” that it makes all the time spent preparing the table really worth it to me.

Oh, and in case you missed it last time… this one also has how to fold a turkey napkin (smile).

Thanksgiving Etiquette

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10 thoughts on “How to Set Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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  • Your place setting looks beautiful. Thanks for the help, I never remember the correct way without looking it up!

  • Thank you for the helpful hints as I have never truly known how to set the dinner table.

  • Thank you for sharing this! If I would’ve left it up to myself to set the table it wouldn’t be done right.

  • A nicely set table would be great. But, honestly, we do paper plates and let everyone serve themselves and eat at the table, in the living room, wherever, because I’m not washing all those plates and the table can’t hold everyone, lol.

  • I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner and would love to try some of these tips!

  • We usually do the basic table setting and use the good stuff for holidays. The formal setting is a little fancy for us and I wouldn’t know how to do it!

  • Beautiful table setting. This reminds me of my mom and my grandma. Everything looks great.


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