Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes

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I’ve been on a baking run lately.  We purchased a new convection oven and it’s been a dream to be able to do so many things at once again!  I haven’t fully mastered the baking times, but my kids don’t care. They would eat these covered in soot so long as they were frosted! Ha! It’s a great thing I’m not giving you my cupcake recipe this time!

Okay, so they came from a box, and yours can do. When you’re baking for kids they don’t care if you baked them from scratch, baking from a box, or upgrading store bakery cupcakes.  Truly, they eat with their eyes. If it looks good, they are going for it!

Easter Bunny Cupcake Frosting

For these cupcakes, I went with a basic whipped frosting spooned directly onto the top.  There’s really no need to use piping bags with super stabilized frostings for this cupcake at all.  I feel like the spooned method helps to keep your bunnies looking like unique Easter bunny rabbits.  It’s also a simple method little ones can do on their own.

Easter Bunny Cupcake Faces

Easter bunny cupcake faces can be created using almost any candies you have on hand.  I used chocolate chips, pastel M&Ms, and chocolate decorating sprinkles. Super simple, two eyes, a nose, with a few whiskers.  I’ve seen other people make whiskers from licorice strings, piping gels, or none at all.  Use what you have, it’s for the kids! They are still going to eat it!

Easter Bunny Cupcake Edible Ears

Marshmallow, kitchen scissors, and pink sparkling sugar make up your Easter bunny ears! This is another one of those “get your kids in the kitchen” methods.  If your child is proficient with scissors, they can make the ears on their own. Just cut a marshmallow in half and dip the cut sides into your sparkling/sanding sugar.  I went with pink but you can use any colors you want: green, purple, blue, yellow! Let the kids choose!

*If for some reason you don’t have good results in getting the sugar to stick to your marshmallow ears, you can use a little dab of water to help make your marshmallow stickier. We only had to do this with one set of ears. Not sure why it happens to some, not all, but it’s a quick fix!

I hope you and your little ones have a great time in the kitchen preparing these easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes together.  Please tag me in your pictures on social media.  I would love to see how yours turn out!

Easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes



Dollop one spoonful of frosting onto the top of each cupcake.  Use 2 chocolate chips to create your bunny’s eyes, 1 M&M makes the nose, and 6 chocolate sprinkles for each set of whiskers. Cut 1 marshmallow in half, dip the cut sides into sanding sugar, place onto your bunny cupcakes as ears.



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