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Introducing The Perfect Keto Starter Bundle

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The Perfect Keto Starter Bundle is everything you need to get started on the ketogenic diet! Each bundle includes Exogenous Ketone Base, Keto Collagen, MCT Oil Powder, and Ketone Testing Strips! Choose from three delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, or salted caramel!

 The Perfect Keto Starter Kit Discount

Use the Exogenous Ketone Base as a great start to your morning, to get you through afternoon slumps, before workouts, for mental energy, AND aid in reducing keto-adaptation symptoms!

Just mix a scoop MCT Oil Powder with your favorite beverage for an easy, satisfying treat. Make your coffee creamy, turn almond milk into keto chocolate milk, or add clean, delicious sweetness to your morning smoothie. Yes!!

Keto Collagen is made with no artificial ingredients. Mix with your favorite beverage or dessert, or an unflavored option that can be used in savory dishes as well.

No pricking your fingers or buying expensive breath-testing equipment. Find out if you’re in ketosis in minutes with Ketone Testing Strips.

New to Keto?

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Take the Quiz to find out how Perfect Keto Can Help You!


Not sure if a bundle is right for you?  That’s okay! Use code MommysPlaybook to

*receive 20% off all Perfect Keto individual products!

*Coupon code is one time  use only


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