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Game gifts are an absolute must for any holiday in our home. Celebrating a birthday? Yes, someone is guaranteed to get a new game everyone can play. On holidays, if I’m buying something different for the family to enjoy, chances are good it is going to be a board game! Christmas? Oh yes! Christmas is no exception!  Board games are the BEST way to get everyone, and I mean everyone, in the family together to have fun playing the same game at the same time.  Even my teenagers don’t argue when it’s time to play!

Ravensburger North America Christmas Gifts

Back to the Future Dice Through Time

“Great Scott! Biff Stole the DeLorean and went on a joyride through time, disrupting events and scattering items through space and time! Now it’s up to you to help DOC and Marty repair the space-time continuum.”

The game, Back to the Future: Dice Through Time, takes place in a series of rounds; players collaborate to complete key events and to find and bring lost items back to their place, because everyone knows, you can’t change the past without consequences! One second you think you’re doing great with you’re dream truck in the yard, and the next, your mom is married to your family’s worst enemy!

This game is the perfect gift for any Back to the Future fan!  Psst… it’s a great Christmas gift for Dad!

Ready, Set, Sloth!

Sloths are the slowest animals in the jungle, but a comfy new hammock in the treetops is worth racing for! Climb the trees as fast as you can without falling asleep or breaking a branch. Get to the hammock first to win!

This is a big game in a little box: Big Little Games offer all the fun of a big game in an affordable, portable package. They also make great stocking stuffer gifts because it fits inside most traditional size stockings with little fuss!

Penguin Pile Up!

Wobby Icebergs ahead! One by one, carefully pile your penguins onto the ice. As more penguins pile on, the iceberg becomes more and more unstable! Will your penguins keep their balance, or fall into the sea? Note: this game also fits inside your child’s stocking easily!

Disney Princess Tubby Time

Disney Princess Tubby Time Bath Game

Make bath time playful with Tubby Time, a shape-matching storytelling game with fun puzzle play! Ten floating foam picture tiles, each made of an outer frame and inner shape, stick to bath walls and tubs. Fit the shapes into their frames and rearrange the tiles to tell the classic tale of The Little Mermaid and even includes your favorite characters, like Ariel, Ursula, Flounder, Sebastian, Prince Eric and more!

The Disney Princess Tubby Time set comes with ten picture tiles with punch-out-shapes, one mesh storage bag and instructions.

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  • Thank for another cool gift idea. . My little nieces would go crazy for this!

    • We love Ravensburger games! They have so many and they are all so cute and fun to play with the kiddos. My daughter would love the Disney Princess tubby time set!


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