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Get Your SHOWTIME, HBO, & Starz Free Trial on Amazon!

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Last week I discovered something wonderful on my Fire TV Stick — channel subscriptions on Amazon!  This has allowed me to enjoy 7 day free trials of Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and so many more!  That means I’m staying up way too late after the kids go to bed watching MY favorite movies, like P.S. I Love You, Sabrina, Ant-Man, Steel Magnolias, Bride Wars, and Bad Moms — all sorts of great movies we moms love!

All you have to do is go HERE to Join Amazon Channels Free Trial

to start watching the movies you love now!


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2 thoughts on “Get Your SHOWTIME, HBO, & Starz Free Trial on Amazon!

  • I need to comment on “P.S. I Love You”! One of my very favorites. I’ve got it on DVD– I think I first found it when Blockbuster had those bins of discounted DVDs for sale. But yes, I just adore that one.
    I bought my Fire Stick kind of recently, and did so mostly because my laptop barely functions at all. (I use a Kindle Fire for streaming. And I don’t watch TV, only Netflix every once in a while. And only just one show! I’m awful…) I’m pretty sure that I’m not familiar at all with everything that the Fire Stick can do! Thanks for posting about channel subscriptions– I’ll make a note of it, and see if I can find “Bad Moms”! 🙂

  • I had no idea!! I have to go check this out asap! Thanks for sharing this info!


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