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Snap Ships Build to Battle Gladius Drop Ship

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My eight year old has been Mommy’s little helper this Christmas season.  Since I am gifting our Snap Ships Gladius Drop Ship to my son for Christmas this year, she spent an hour reading, watching the videos, and building our Snap Ships!  She loved it so much she started picking out other Snap Ships we need to add to “my son’s” Christmas package so they can battle together.  What started as a Gift Guide project has quickly turned into her newest obsession!  If she’s this excited, I cannot wait to see how much fun they are going to have battling together!

Snap Ships Build to Battle

About Snap Ships

Welcome to the future where humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat. The Komplex spreads through the galaxy, growing stronger with each species they defeat and assimilate. To fight them, humanity relies on an elite team, the Forge, who pilots their own armada of spacecraft known as Snap Ships. Now YOU can Build to Battle! Snap Ships is a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play, and all sets and pieces are interchangeable, so kids can build however they want. Each Snap Ships set includes instruction for builds that you assemble yourself and then engage in battle with real shooting weapon play! There’s even a mysterious piece of UJU tech included, which will make your ship even more powerful!

About the Real Shooting Weapon Play! Real shooting launchers are in each set! Press the rear levers, and watch the projectiles fire! Launchers for the Komplex are red, while those for the Forge are green. It’s easy to tell them apart during battle so you can collect them and reload! Just click the projectile back into the launcher, and press the lever to fire again! Get ready to Build to Battle!

  • Gladius features a missile rack for high explosive ground attack and a pulse laser for heavy assault.
  • Includes 124 Building Pieces, 24 Accessories.
  • Each set includes step-by-step instructions for multiple builds.
  • Collect multiple sets and merge pieces to build more!
  • No batteries required; for ages 8+

Snap Ships Battleships

My daughter and I worked together to build our ship in under and hour. The instructions are incredibly detailed making it easy for kids and parents to be able to get the build correct the first time!

Although the ship snaps together, I was really impressed with how much of the ship actually works like an action toy when it is complete.  My favorite feature is when you press down on the top of main ship, the rover vehicle drops down.  Both the Gladius and rover have a “cockpit” for a real action figure to ride inside; the kids can really get into character during their battles!

The projectiles are small, but our set came with plenty of extras in case the kids lose a few in the mist of battle.

Snap Ships Build to Battle

Snap Ships is a whole universe of excitement! Beyond the builds, you’ll find an animated series that supports and enriches the Snap Ships universe–full of intriguing characters and story lines! Watch the animated series on YouTube, and download the free app to expand your child’s battle experience!

Visit Snap Ships Online to Learn More

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9 thoughts on “Snap Ships Build to Battle Gladius Drop Ship

  • This is a great gift idea. Looks like a fun toy!

  • This is awesome! Love this gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • My grandson would love these Snap Ships, thx very much for the helpful review!

  • Wow does this look like a fun toy and a fanatsic gift idea!

  • my great niece is all girl so every body buys her girls stuff but she would love to play with this Snap ships. Heck so would I

  • This would be a great gift for my grandson!

  • What a fun toy, I love that you have to build your ship! My son would definitely love this, he loves making things. And it’s so cool how much you can do with it afterwards. Thank you so much for sharing!


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