What to Do When Your New “Mom Do” Isn’t You!

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The moment my oldest was born everyone started giving me all this wonderful advice and telling me how I needed to cut my hair. They exclaimed how much easier it was to care for short hair, bragged about their five-minute fixes, and warned that I should do it before he started pulling it.  Because I was a new mom who truly appreciated the advice, I did it. I looked at all these cute short haircuts in a book at the salon and I went for it! I was going to be adventurous! I cut my hair… and hated it!

I mean. I REALLY hated it!

It wasn’t the cut I hated, as much as the entire idea of not having my long hair anymore.  For someone who has had hair below the shoulders much of their life, it was like cutting off a limb! I hated it so much that my dreams consisted of my wishing my hair was long again.  I would wake up and realize it was still gone and completely meltdown — just what every new mom needs to do, right?

I didn’t know what to do.  I was spending twice as long fixing my hair as I was before.  All the teasing, curling the back, smoothing the front, and constant upkeep at the salon was exhausting.  Then one afternoon my nightmare went from bad to worse.  A simple monthly trim appointment made my “not for me, but let’s make it work for a little while” cut, into something I couldn’t live with.  In a moment of panic, I fixed it with a pixie!

Yes, you read that right. A PIXIE!

I might as well went full-Brittany and shaved it all off.

It was a mess that I lived with in front of everyone I knew for months.  I decided to just let it grow, let it grow.  The only thing I did to my hair for the next year was a monthly reshaping.  Bandanas and those big stretchy headbands that covered half my head were my best friends.  It eventually grew out and I’ve never made that mistake again.

What to Do if You Cut Your Hair too Short

If I could give you a little advice,  I must say, there were less embarrassing ways to handle my bad mom haircut.  Today I know that women of all ages and ethnicity can be beautiful in a great wig, freetress crochet hair, or weave.  Also, when you have the urge to grab your husband’s clippers, you probably shouldn’t.  Even if you aren’t sure you’ll ever get to that point, if you’ve had a baby lately, just go ahead and warn your husband to tackle you to the floor if he hears the clippers turn on while you’re in the bathroom!  If you’re already past that point, that’s okay, just find your stylist and let her know that you are seeking an alternative to the mess you created and hats aren’t your thing either!

Tell me about the worst haircut you ever had in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “What to Do When Your New “Mom Do” Isn’t You!

  • Been there and done that. As of this moment, my hair is longer. It is a freaky feeling, like phantom limb, if you cut your hair short in one fell swoop. And I was shocked at how MUCH longer I had to fuss with my hair. I have wavy hair and when it was short the waves sprung up but not in a manageable way. All I need to now is use a curling iron on the ends in the front, and voila, done!

  • Oh my aunts always tell me I am too old for long hair. Please! I love short hairstyles on women, absolutely. But i don’t want it for me. This is a great article on dealing with it. Sorry you had to go through it.

  • I have been through this….the growing out time is rough!

  • I’ve had long hair and I’ve had short hair. I currently swim 3 times a week and like my short hair.

  • I cut bangs once, and I’m still trying to grow them out 2 years later. As a mom with wavy, crazy hair, I have no time to fix my hair and bangs. I would have to pin them up every day until they grew. We get so much advice as moms, but I just learned to do what we feel is right.


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