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Meet the Orthotic I Actually WANT to Wear! #Footpain #SoulInsole

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I have had problems with my feet for my entire life, but when we moved into a fully-tiled home I went through a period of horrible pain that prevented me from walking.  Within an hour of waking up each morning I would be in so much pain I wouldn’t be able to stand. I consulted a podiatrist who diagnosed me with achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and fallen arches (flat foot). I also have limited ankle dorsiflexion.  Before I left the office he placed this horrible piece of foam, cardboard, medical tape (DIY project) on my foot and told me I needed to order arch support insoles for all of my shoes (um… do they make this in size “flip flops? Because I haven’t worn a sneaker in years…”)  It was awful.  I think the arch support creation was more painful than what I went into his office for. I barely made it to my car before tearing it off and tossing it across the back seats.

My husband talked me off the ledge and we headed to the specialty store to buy new shoes and insoles.  I don’t remember how many hundreds of dollars we paid for this excursion, but I do know the pain of trying to correct my issues was worse than the issues themselves. Back then, the options available were expensive and uncomfortable AND none of them were going in my flip flops! (I cried over this more than I would like to admit)  I’m a Floridian, flip-flops are part of our year-round uniform! Because of it, I eventually gave up and continued to suffer… until Soul Insole!

Meet the Orthic I WANT to wear- Soul Insole!

I’ve looked at their Shoe Bubble – Micro Size Orthotic longingly ever since I saw it! Soul Insole is truly an answer to many patients prayers, plus it can be worn with flip flops/sandals! If you have been looking for a bridge between where your feet are today and where they need to be, look to Soul Insole!

A micro-size orthotic support that adds maximum comfort to any shoe.

Soul Insole designed a micro-sized orthotic that adds arch support and comfort to ANY shoe or sandal without crowding your feet!  They fit in everything from athletic shoes to trendy fashion shoes to high heels. Moms love them as these non-bulky, ultra comfort insoles provide relief for anyone who spends a lot of time walking and standing!  These amazing orthotics are also washable and re-usable.

REDUCE FOOT PAIN: Soul Insole’s soft memory gel adds alignment and support to reduce foot pain. Designed to provide relief for conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Fat Pad Atrophy, Metatarsalgia, Heel Pain, Over-Pronation and more.

The Soul Insole Shoe Bubble is a small, flexible orthotic insert that makes a BIG difference in the way your shoes feel! It relieves pressure from your heel and forefoot in EVERY shoe, without changing the fit.

About The Soul Insole Shoe Bubble:

  • Adds Support for all-day COMFORT! This minimalist orthotic helps prevent over pronation. It softly raises your arch up to proper alignment, while forming to your feet like a custom insole
  • Use for both high arches and flat feet alike – Helps to build up the arch up for flat feet. High arched feet can never find enough support, the SOUL INSOLE will get you there!
  • Stays firmly in place, yet can move from shoe to shoe without leaving any sticky residue
  • Washable & Reusable – just rinse with water and set out to dry – the adhesive regenerates
  • Reduces Stress & Offloads pressure from the heel and forefoot – The rocker design aspect drops off before the heel and before the metatarsals to help suspend and redistribute pressure, providing ultimate relief!


Additional Features:

  • Self-sticking, makes for easy application and compatible with all types of shoes. 
  • LONG LASTING: Washable and re-usable. 
  • NO ODOR: Our gel pads are antibacterial/antimicrobial and will not stink.
Are you having problems with your feet?
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*I am not a doctor nor am I providing you with medial advice.  Please consult your podiatrist.

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23 thoughts on “Meet the Orthotic I Actually WANT to Wear! #Footpain #SoulInsole

  • I have bought other things that have not worked because of plantar fasciitis

  • Yes I have thought about getting an insole.

  • I typically purchase [another brand] — never heard of this brand, but I’m interested in trying them.

  • Yes I have considered an insole for Better Balance, Alignment and Posture. I could use help with this.

  • Yes, I have. My feet ache sometimes and I was told to try support.

  • I have been wanting to try them. I have not yet

  • My daughter has some i dont but would love to try them

  • I have thought about it but have not ever got any

  • I have a pair for my work boots. It makes standing on my feet all day more comfortable.

  • I have consider trying an insert but was unsure of which one to use.

  • O yes I have spent money on trying to get the right comfortable insert. I have yet to find it. This looks great though. Id love to try it.

  • Yes, I have considered an insole! I would like to try one.

  • Have you ever considered an insole for Better Balance, Alignment and Posture? NO but I think it is pass time to get some

  • I have considered and tried many orthotics. I have Plantar Fascitis, Morton’s Neuromas x3, and various other ailments. Our home is 100% ceramic tile also. I have had 4 surgeries on my feet so I will try almost anything.

  • My spouse would love these for work!!

  • So glad you found something that works! My daughter and I have foot issues and like you, have spent a ton of money on shoes.


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