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Special Valentine Gifts for Him from!

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Do you remember the cologne your husband was wearing when you met? Anytime someone walks by wearing Polo I instantly think of the night my husband and I met and smile.  Memories like this are exactly what we should be rekindling on Valentine’s Day; thanks to My Gift Stop, that’s one of the top things I plan to do this year!  My Gift Stop has all of the classic fragrances that we love.  Whether your husband’s signature scent was Polo, like my guy, or one of the other favs like Eternity, Hugo, or Lacoste, they have it!

Ralph Lauren Men's Polo Black Eau de Toilette Natural Spray

Not sure if cologne is really your guy’s thing anymore?  That’s okay!  My Gift Stop has several gift ideas for your man this Valentine’s Day! With fitness being the hot new couples activity, consider getting new gear for the next time you two hit the trail! Maybe get him some great new running shoes, OR I’m really loving My Gift Stop‘s large watch collection.  They have watch styles I’ve never even dreamed about.  Do you know what a chronograph watch is?  It’s a watch with a stopwatch built right in.   I can think of a dozen reasons to get my husband this watch for Valentine’s Day!  I’m swooning over the vintage look here.

William L. 1985 WLIB01NRCN Men's Chronographs Vintage Style Black Strap Black IP Steel Watch

No matter what gift you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, keep My Gift Stop in mind. My Gift Stop, is an online shop offering luxury goods that are dedicated to giving back to society, donating 5% of every sale to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief. 

My Gift Stop Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

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4 thoughts on “Special Valentine Gifts for Him from!

  • I like the watch. My husband will love it. He has a birthday coming up.

    • I think most men are hard to buy for..especially mine. So thank you for these ideas!


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