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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys, Girls, & Teens

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One of my favorite things about Christmas Eve is pretending to be Santa filling the stockings for the kids. I love sitting on the floor in my dark room (or hiding in the master bathroom) with all of the cute little gifts and treats scattered about. It’s my little quiet time between all of the festivities where I can reflect on the year and how blessed we are.

When I was a child, our stockings were stuffed with nothing but candy.  When I became a mom and realized how expensive all of that candy was, I thought it was the craziest thing ever!…

“So, I am going to spend over $100 on candy? No Way!”

I have more of an 80/20 rule.  For me, making the switch to 80% gift and 20% candy was an easy one.  I just couldn’t come up with any benefit in spending that kind of money on candy.   Instead I opt for the following:

1) New toothbrush and their own toothpaste.  I know, what every kid wants right…. actually, it can be.  Every child loves to have a toothbrush and toothpaste for their favorite character.  My youngest boys will receive a Cars Holiday pack from Crest this year, while my teens will each find the Colgate Optic White 2-in-1 Teeth Whitening Kit inside theirs! Would you like to know the best part?  These were actually ON our children’s Christmas list; they picked them out!

2) For the Girls – something for their hair.   This could be something as simple as a new bow for your little girl, a brush for your tween, or a great flat iron for your teenager.  Baby girl will receive a few headbands that I made out of old t-shirts.

Mommy's Playbook Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys, Girls, and Teens #Christmas #StockingStuffers

3) For the Boys – something manly. My oldest son has loved Axe products since he was really young.  I cannot afford to keep up with his wishes year-round so we purchase them for his stocking instead.  When it runs out, it runs out. My youngest boys will also receive bath products specific to them… just not as manly.

4)  Something small and fun.  My teens love app store download allowances and 3D wooden puzzles. My little boys and girls are pretty obsessed with blind bags AND right now they are readily available with something for everyone!

Let there be candy:

The rest of the stocking will be filled with candy that is carefully selected for each child.  My bigger bunch that are proud to be nerdy chic receive cute boxes of nerds. My fun and loving daughter will enjoy a box of goodies that can be converted into her own candy house. And the tiny bunch are getting the cutest lollipops I have ever seen and some mini m&ms.

What does Santa fill your stockings with?


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10 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys, Girls, & Teens

  • You just made my mind go WOW I know what to do for my great niece for Christmas. She just turned 2 and their are so many little things that she would love in BIG christmas sock

  • I really like the 80/20 rule. I have never thought of it that way! Thank you for sharing!

  • I think that the stockings are the most fun part of the holidays. I like the hair things ideas.

  • We have six kids, 8-19. The older they get, the harder it is to think of non candy stocking stuffers. My older boys love getting new deodorant and toiletries. We’ve also done keychains, and small, neat tools. We give each of the older two boys scratch off lottery tickets and that’s a huge hit.

  • I love the idea of the 80/20 rule. My boys love bath products in their stockings so that for sure is on the list

  • i do a lot of these already.nail polish, tooth paste tooth brushes, hair clasps and small toys or jewelry and some candy sometimes socks or gloves too

  • Thanks for the great ideas. My son is grown and I am not that hip anymore.

  • Thank you for sharing these great ideas!


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