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This summer heat has been brutal hasn’t it! Everywhere from Florida to Maine has been hit with a heat wave and it seems like there’s no refuge anywhere for it!  If you’re battling the heat this summer, Gululu wants you to know that they are on your team and happy to help! It’s no secret that most children need an incentive to remember to drink when they are busy playing at the park, swimming at the beach, and hanging out with friends.  Sometimes we choose to give our kids drinks that are high in sugar and not as healthy as we would like in an effort to get them to drink, when we could be doing something radically different — like giving our child a Gululu interactive water bottle instead!  Gululu helps to remind your child to drink more water through a tamagucci-like pet that grows when children drink! Parents can be sure it is working by tracking progress on the app! Learn more below!

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Gululu is giving away a $30 Gift Card to one lucky winner to

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Let Gululu Help Your Children Stay Hydrated This Summer!

About Gululu:

The fun Gululu bottle features a pet- tamagucci like that grows and goes through underwater adventures as the kid drink. The pets in Gululu motivate kids to develop healthy habits on their own. When your child drinks from Gululu Interactive Bottle, the pet grows happier and evolves. This constant interaction both entertains and encourages beneficial habit formation. Gululu has been featured on all main media publication like Forbes, Vogue and others.- and parents love it!

Gululu’s Mission:

Gululu has made it their mission to help kids all around the world be healthier and stay hydrated! Their interactive bottle keeps kids hydrated through a pet that encourage them to drink and has an app that shows the parents exactly their kids intake. With each and every purchase of Gululu, a child in a developing country is provided clean drinking water, for life.

In addition to their great mission to keep kids hydrated, for every bottle purchased, they donate to build clean drinking water wells for kids in developing countries through their partnership with Learn more about how water = life HERE.

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25 thoughts on “Summertime Essentials $30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Sponsored by Gululu!

  • We always have bottled water with in the refrigerator and when we are on the go.

  • Water, water, and more water. Keep lots of spare water bottles in the cooler in the car and the fridge.

  • I make fresh lemonade every day and my kids love it!

  • My kids really like to drink iced tea. We also pack our own drinks when traveling to save money, and to keep from having to buy a lot of drinks.

  • My daughter likes to share my water, so if I always have some near me, she will drink it too.

  • I appreciate the fact that Gululu is working to get clean drinking water to places throughout the world that don’t have access to it.

  • We always bring a reusable water bottle out with us! To save the buying of plastic bottles

  • I am making sure they are drinking two cups of water for every cup of juice. It’s tempting to just let them have lemonade or apple juice boxes all day.

  • I keep my kids hydrated by giving them flavored water. They call it juice and love the taste.

  • My kids love fruit water and they beg for it

  • I like Gululu’s mission here, help kids ALL around the world stay hydrated! We stay hydrated and cool through a freezing our water bottles. It’s a life saver in triple degree heat in the south

  • my kids take water bottles everywhere. which means they also forget water bottles everywhere!

  • We a;ways have bottled water for the kids to drink.

  • I buy the miniature bottles of water and keep them on hand. When they want a colder treat we have the real frozen juice pops.

  • We have a fridge with a water filter and dispenser.

  • I always have bottle of water on the go and fresh fruit natural juices.

  • Lots and lots of water, but I also have some flavor drops for them to use sometimes. They especially like this Orange Vanilla one that I put a few drops into their cups and they love it. It’s much more hydrating than soda or anything else.

  • I have a different type is beverages to keep them hydrated.

  • I keep them hydrated by keeping bottled water on hand and asking them frequently when the last time they had a drink was. I know it’s very important for their overall health.

  • My daughter has a couple of different water bottles so everyday she gets to pick the one she wants to use, fills it with water and knows her goal to do 4 of them a day! Normally she’s really good about doing 3 a day.

  • We make fruit and mint infused water.


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