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I was a mom for over ten years when I gave birth to a child who challenged me like none before.  We thought we knew everything about babyproofing but he managed to find every vulnerability imaginable (and then some).  Not only did we have to go above and beyond our normal babyproofing methods for everything a “child level,” but I also had to do everything he could climb up to.  By the age of two he was pushing dining room chairs over to the kitchen counter to climb up to the upper cabinets (the upper cabinets y’all!) We had to have cabinet locks on every cabinet in the entire house.  High low and in between!

I was on the phone one afternoon when he was supposed to be napping.  He climbed out of the playroom window and ran outside to the trampoline! I was sitting on the back porch on the phone when I saw him running across the yard out of the corner of my eye! I thought he was napping, and to top it off, the window he escaped from was closed and latched!  I’m scared to know what would have happened had I not be outside to witness him leaving.  If I had been inside I would have never known he was out there.

The moment your little one goes on the move, get started!  Start with those eye level basics and then upgrade every chance you get. The prize package offered in this great giveaway has two of my favorite babyproofing products in it.  The first is corner cushions, they are a must on anything with a squared corner. (TIP: consider using corner protectors for the baseboard trim too. My young daughter cut her eye on the baseboards once. – who would have thought? right?) And the second favorite product is the child locks that can be put on anything.  We started using them because my son was opening the freezer, refrigerator, pantry door, oven, dishwasher, and garbage can lid.  I needed something that wouldn’t require drilling holes and causing damage.  Learn more about my favorite two baby safety products below.

3-button patented design which requires a specific logic to unlock makes it impossible for the little one, but easy for the adults to use with one hand #SureBasics #BabySafety

Sure Basics Impact Absorbing Baby Proofing Corner Guards and Corner Protector provides maximum protection from sharp corners and edges. They are easy to install thanks to the Pre-applied 3M adhesive tape. Just peel the backing cover and set in place on your furniture’s corner. They stick on strong and work wonderfully on wood, glass, steel, and ceramic.

Parents and grandparents who are concerned about chemicals can be assured that the corner guards are free of lead and Phthalate. When baby arrives at the “chew everything” teething stage, you can feel safe knowing the guards are non-toxic and safe for baby.

3-button patented design which requires a specific logic to unlock makes it impossible for the little one, but easy for the adults to use with one hand #SureBasics #BabySafety

EASYGUARD™ Child Safety Locks for Cabinets, Drawers & More are the most versatile baby safety product you will ever find! You can use them on almost everything you need to keep baby from opening. The refrigerator, cabinets, dresser drawers, the toilet lid — the options are ENDLESS!  The three button logic keeps baby out, but allows parents to use one hand when they need to get in.  They are great for renters too because they don’t cause any damage.  You can use them on every cabinet and built-in kitchen appliance for as long as you want and when you’re done using them (if you move) they come right off!

About Sure Basics:

Sure Basics Inc. was founded in 2014 to bring families products that keep children safe at the most affordable prices. Because quality and durability is a top priority, their product range is continuously growing as they seek and test products that fit their strict safety requirements. They want to be sure your child is safe, and you are given the peace of mind you came to them for. Visit Sure Basics to learn more.

Enter to Win the #BabySafety Prize Package from #SureBasics


One lucky reader will win a Baby Safety Prize Pack from Sure Basics

Baby Proofing Corner Guards (8 Pack)

EASYGUARD™ Child Safety Locks for Cabinets, Drawers & More (6 Pack)

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11 thoughts on “Enter to Win a Baby Safety Prize Pack from Sure Basics! US Only, Ends 11/25

  • I believe the kitchen area is the hardest room in a home to babyproof.

  • Our kitchen is the hardest room to babyproof since it has the most cabinets and drawers.

  • My granddaughter likes to get into everything in my kitchen.

  • I’d say the bathroom is the hardest. The kitchen isn’t to bad for us cause we have it gated off, but I have older kids who go in and out of the bathroom and tend to leave the door open

  • for me, it is a tie between the bathroom and the kitchen. Both are problem areas where little ones could get into things they should not getting into.

  • the kitchen there is so much dangers in kitchen area

  • I think my kitchen is the hardest room to baby proof

  • cabinets. We have locks and he can still open them a little. I dont think anything harmful can be reach or touched. But the you can still put a pencil through the openings. I may be paranoid? I actually moved most of the stuff on top of the cabinets now so that they are WAY out of reach. It looks bad lol but to me looks dont mean anything compared to my kids safety.


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