10 Leggings To Make Your Holidays Brighter

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Confession:  I have been wearing leggings for so long now that I only own one actual pair of jeans! It’s true!  I just don’t see any reason to spend the money on jeans when I can buy two-three pair of leggings for the same price, AND they are a lot cuter!  I mean, why go with boring jeans this Christmas when you can get festive with Dream Leggings?  It just wouldn’t make any sense! Mommies shouldn’t spend a single Christmas without wearing one of our Top Ten Christmas Leggings picks!

Mocha Latte Holiday Favorites Dream Leggings

Mocha Latte Holiday Leggings for the Coffee & Christmas Leggings Lover! #DreamLeggings #Buyalltheleggings #ChristmasLeggings #ChristmasGifts #HolidayFashion

Are you a mommy who loves Christmas, coffee, and leggings?  These great leggings have everything you love all in one place: Reindeer, Snowflakes, Angels, mugs of coffee, and more — ALL on one great pair of leggings!  Visit Dream Leggings to order your new favorite holiday themed, buttery soft, and dreamy leggings!

Brown Gingerbread Men Leggings

Brown Gingerbread Men from Dream Leggings! #DreamLeggings #ButterySoftLeggings #MomLife #BuyAlltheLeggings

There is no better way to dress for your favorite baking day in the kitchen than with these adorable Gingerbread Men Leggings! The black, brown, white, green, and red, leggings goes great with your favorite tunics!  Toss these cuties on before baking cookies OR before the big cookie swap party! Hurry and grab these great leggings before the Gingerbread Man runs away “You can’t catch me! I’m the…”

Jeweled Christmas Ornament Leggings

Holiday Christmas Ornament Leggings from Dream Leggings #HolidayFashion #DreamLeggings

What??????  What more could you want in a great pair of holiday leggings than something a little out of the ordinary?! I LOVE the blue ornaments and vibrant colors on these leggings! Are you having a family dinner to decorate the tree?  These stunning Christmas Ornament leggings are perfect for Christmas a Church, Grandma’s house, and everything in between!  I think I might be a little sad to not be able to wear these after the holidays are over.  Do you think anyone will oppose to my “spring” ornament leggings in March?..

Blitzen Deer Dream Leggings

Blitzen Deer Christmas Reindeer Leggings #HolidayLeggings #DreamLeggings #Buyalltheleggings

Look at these adorable reindeer!!! My two year old says these are her favorite!  While I’m writing this post, she keeps pointing at the picture and demanding I go back- HA!  She says every mom of a toddler needs these in their life! Seriously! Grab your pair HERE.

Chalkboard Christmas Leggings

Chalkboard Christmas Leggings from Dream Leggings #ChristmasLeggings #DreamLeggings #HolidayFashion

I love the vintage look to these “hand drawn” chalk art snowman leggings!  The variety of colors within the snowman leggings means you have the option of pairing six or more different tops for any look you want! Combine them with a classic black tunic, or one of Dream Leggings’ recommendations: Vanessa Pocket Tunic in Antique Rose, or the Eudora Pocket Tunic in Ash Grey.

Beary Christmas Leggings

Beary Christmas Dream Leggings #HolidayFashion

Dream Leggings’ says: “Beary Christmas Leggings are seriously ADORBS! They resemble a watercolor painting, with wide read and white horizontal stripes, cute little animals (and snowmen too!)- polar bears, rabbits, and reindeer having a blast playing in the snow, with their ice skates, Bells, and more!”… SIGN ME UP Because I couldn’t agree more! Adorable Leggings Indeed!

Candy Trees Dream Leggings

Candy Trees Holiday Leggings from Dream Leggings #Christmas #ChristmasFashion

Minty trees and candy canes on a black legging, oh my!  Pair Candy Trees Leggings with a red tunic for one part Christmas, one part festive, and one part COLORFUL FUN!!!  The print alone is so cute that I want it  in pillows, bedding, stockings… just give me this fabric roll and leg me run with it (Minty Trees Everywhere!!!)

Polka Dot Trees – Pink Winter Leggings

Polka Dot Trees - Pink Winter Leggings #DreamLeggings

Polka Dot Trees – Pink Winter Leggings are for the “Girly-Girls” on your Gift Lost this year! Grey background with black, white, and pale blush pink artistically painted Christmas Trees with stripes and polka dot designs.

Sunny Deer Dream Leggings

Sunny Deer Dream Leggings #winterfashion

Get into the winter holiday spirit with Dream Leggings’ cream, pale yellow, turquoise, orange, Rusty and dark brown reindeer fair isle print Sunny Deer Leggings!

Black and white Chevron Glitterflakes Leggings

Black and white Chevron Glitterflakes Leggings #HolidayFashion #christmas #newyears #goldfashion

Last, but CERTAINLY NOT least, are the Black and white Chevron Glitterflakes Leggings! (Be still my heart!)  March onward from Christmas and into the New Year with the most beautiful leggings I’ve ever seen!

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10 Christmas Leggings You Can't Live without! #DreamLeggings #ChristmasforHer

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