Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzel Rod Treats

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I have been a Pinterest junkie since way back when they were in beta.  It’s my go-to place for all things recipe, crafts, and treats. I pin everything, BUT there’s something I noticed that doesn’t get around much over there… Thanksgiving treats for kids!  Aside from the usual pie and cupcakes, there’s really not a lot out there.  That’s what inspired me to bring you this fun recipe; because not every kid likes pie!


Actually, a few of mine don’t and I have to question if they are switched at birth – Ha!

Chocolate Turkey Pretzel Rods

Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzel Rod Treats

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  • 1-2 Doz Pretzel Rods
  • 2 lbs Melting Chocolate/Candy Melts
  • Candy Eyes
  • Candy Corn
  • Wax Paper
  • 2 tbsp shortening (optional)


Before you begin.  Line your kitchen counter workspace with wax paper and gather your candy corn.

Remove/cut the yellow and white end off of 12-24 candy corn. You need one for each pretzel turkey. Set aside the orange candy corn pieces.

Melt 1/2 lb (small bowl-full) of melting chocolate according to the package directions.  (If it is too thick add a tbsp of vegetable shortening.)

Use the backside of a spoon or a small rubber spatula to smear a tsp of melted chocolate in a 1-2 in circle on top of your wax paper. Quickly arrange turkey feathers (8 candy corn) on top of the circle leaving space for the pretzel rod. Repeat until you have as many feather sets prepared for each turkey you plan to make.

Melt 1/2 lb (small bowl-full) of melting chocolate according to the package directions. Don’t dilute/thin chocolate this time. Transfer to a heat safe glass/mug.  Dip your pretzel rods into the chocolate, covering half of your pretzel rod. Use a small butter knife to distress the chocolate so it looks more turkey-like and less dipped pretzel.  Adorn each with two eyes and a turkey beak. Allow to dry on wax paper. Repeat until you have prepared 12-24 turkey bodies.

Using remaining chocolate, spoon 1 tsp of chocolate in the center of each feather set. Arrange turkey body on top of the chocolate.  Allow chocolate turkey to dry completely before removing from wax paper.

Serve turkeys as shown above, or wrap each individually in pretzel rod bags with ties.

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