Everything You Need to Know About The Twelve Days of Christmas

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There is much debate over when the Twelve Days of Christmas actually begin.  Most believe that the twelve days begins on December 13th, however, this is not the case.  The Twelve Days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas and continues until January 5th!  While the the age of the song itself is unknown, it first appeared in print in 1780 and is believed to be have been born from a game of Twelfth Night “memory-and-forfeits”.

In an effort to confuse you even further,

check out Straight No Chaser’s Twelve Days of Christmas below!

Okay, okay. Now that I am done confusing you,

here’s a great infographic to straighten you out:


12 Days of Christmas in Infographic

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11 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About The Twelve Days of Christmas

  • This is great! I will be printing this out! Thanks.

  • I’ve always been confused some people start at the beginning of December and some people start 12 days before Christmas !

  • I never knew it started on Christmas, thought it ended on Christmas. Thanks for the information.

  • I love this post, and your cute ideas.

  • This infographic is really terrific. This is very nice to share.

  • This is really fun. One hears the song so much, but I always forget what everything is above day 3.

  • love your recipes ideas. and i aam still confused sbout the 12 days of christmas. lol

  • This is a fun one for the holidays thanks for sharing this one.


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