Enter to Win a BlowTYME Hair Dryer from TYME! US Only, Ends 8/2

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Momlife means so many things change, but that doesn’t mean we all should have bad hair! If you don’t think you have time to devote to your hair care routine, and that mom hair equals bad hair days for life, think again! With TYME your hair will be healthier than it’s ever been and look so good everyone will think you spend hours on it!  Get ready to save TYME and stop sacrificing your hair just because your a mom!

The BlowTYME hair dryer is designed to fix everything that’s traditionally wrong with blow dryers (noise, weight, power — all of it!)  If you are like me and finally getting that shower at midnight — Yay! Now you can actually dry your hair before bed too! The BlowTYME hair dryer is quiet enough to not wake the kids back up! Nobody will know you slipped away for a little “me time” because this professional hair dryer sounds like it’s on low when it’s on high!

The lightweight unit means those with long hair can celebrate too! (“YES! My poor, poor, shoulders!”) The BlowTYME hair dryer is lighter and will dry your hair faster! That means you’ll have to find a new way to work those upper arms from now on!

BlowTYME Features:

  • Very Quiet: When it’s on high, it sounds like it’s on low
  • Lightweight: 15.5 oz; less than a pound
  • Airflow: Professional-Grade Power: (17.5m/s High:14 m/s Low); it will blow your hair straight up in the air
  • 9ft, professional-quality power cord
  • Single 120v (dual voltage not available due to safety concerns)
  • Complimentary concentrator and diffuser included
  • 1650-watt BLDC Motor (Brushless DC Motor), equivalent to a 2000-watt traditional motor.  Brushless motors do NOT create toxic iron powder, small particles of iron that are blown onto the hair. To each their own, but we didn’t want that.
  • Single voltage: accepts only 110-120V

TYME Hair Care and Heat Tools #TYME #HairCare

TYME’s Mission is to give women the ability to spend less time

creating beautiful hair so there is more time to live their lives to the fullest!

About TYME:

TYME was founded by Jacynda Smith and her brother Kierre in 2008. Their first TYME Irons shipped out in 2014 kicking off their venture with a revolutionary line of hair care products and heat tools. Today, they are global AND the TYME hair care includes cutting edge heat tools, brushes and products that work in harmony to create gorgeous hair in a record amount of TYME!

Sharing Hair Care Knowledge:

TYME shares their knowledge of hair care by providing  customers with virtual stylists! Using live, one-on-one video-chat sessions, they connect with our customers, and teach them how to use TYME products to achieve amazing results at home. What’s amazing is these sessions are included with your purchase for FREE!!

Enter to Win a BlowTYME Giveaway at Mommy's Playbook #TYME #BlowTYME #HairDryer

One Lucky Winner Will Receive

a BlowTYME Hair Dryer (APV $199)

The giveaway is open US Only, 18+

The giveaway ends 8/2 at 1159 pm est

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win.

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BlowTYME from TYME! TYME Hair Care and Heat Tools #TYME

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30 thoughts on “Enter to Win a BlowTYME Hair Dryer from TYME! US Only, Ends 8/2

  • I spend maybe an hour a week on my hair. My daughter is out of school for the summer and I am just too exhausted to even think of anything expect a ponytail! I look forward to First Grade starting next year! (So does my husband, he is not a fan of the mom-ponytail).

  • Each week I probably devote at least 2 hours to my hair care.

  • I spend about 10 minutes a day doing my hair

  • I take a few hours per week to do my hair.

  • Not as much time as I would like to but when I have time I take really good care of my hair. 🙂

  • I spend about 2-3 hours per week on my hair.

  • I spend about 45 minutes it takes awhile for me to blow out my hair

  • My wife has a new hair style. It probably takes her 45 minutes to dry it the right way.

  • to just wash and brush takes awhile with my long hair. I would say about 2 hours

  • I spend about 15 minutes a day so less then 2 hours a week !

  • Probably close to 3 hours. I like my hair to look right.

  • Definitely not a lot of time –

    1. I’m a dude
    2. I have short hair


  • I probably spend about 3 hours total during the week fixing my hair.

  • Probably 10 minutes a day with an additional hour on the days I have to wash, blow dry and style with tools

  • I spend about 30 minutes on my hair per week. For me, it all boils down to a good round brush and a great blow dryer.
    I spend about 5 minutes drying my hair. I use a curling brush then spray with texturizer — that’s it.

  • I don’t take a lot of time with my hair. I just blow dry it and go.

  • Maybe just an hour a week I know I need to spend more time on my hair care for sure ❤

  • I spend WAY more time than I want to in my hair weekly. I have extremely oily hair and wash it most every day. Most the time I blow it dry and use a straightener to calm the frizzies. I would not mind so much if it looked good afterward but it seldom does. I have no idea how much time I spend but it’s entirely too long.

  • Maybe 20 minutes. I just blow dry and go.

  • Between brushing, washing, and styling, I would say about 2-3 hours a week

  • I probably spend 20-30 minutes on it.


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