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Whatsitsface Purrrfectly Adorable Kitty Cat

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Don’t gift your little one a plush toy with one face when you can have six faces! Just turn the knob or flip the face to reveal six different emotions: happy, sad, surprised, angry, amused and sleepy. Every Whatsitsface friend is sure to be an endless source of fun, AND a great way to teach emotions to your child.

The Whatsitsface plush is available in Kitty Cat, Puppy Dog, and Teddy Bear, but we’re featuring the cat who knows where its at! My little girl’s kitty cat is curious, cute and feisty, and takes the best naps. She makes the purr-fect friend!

Kitty Cat Whatsitsface

Sad Kitty Cat Whatsitsface

About Whatsitsface:

Turn playtime into quality time with Whatsitsface® – the lovable plush toy that helps kids learn about emotions while fostering imaginative play. Whatsitsface is a wonderful tool for parents, teachers, and occupational therapists to teach children about emotions.

Emotions are a BIG deal! While some children are very quick to identify their emotions and recognize the feelings of those around them, many don’t.  When a child can’t identify their own emotions, they may act out with a tantrum. Children on the autism spectrum may also go into full meltdown when they are experiencing strong emotions they don’t know how to process. Encourage them to use their Whatsitsface to show you what they are feeling.

As special needs children get older and learn to process their own feelings, they may still lack the ability to identify the feelings of others. Again, use Whatsitsface to teach the facial expressions of others so they can respond appropriately.

Whatsitsface Faces

Whatsitsface® Teddy Bear, Kitty Cat and Puppy Dog are the perfect companions for your child. They are soft, cuddly and their changing faces offer endless opportunities for fun learning. Parents love interacting with their children using the toys to teach emotions during playtime, and for the children who have a healthy understanding of emotions, Whatsitsface® is the perfect toy for fostering pretend play.

Visit Whatsitsface to See the Teddy Bear & Puppy Dog too!

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