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Wild Obscura Piñon Healing Salve

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While our family was fulltime traveling we met the lovely family behind Wild Obscura! The moment I saw her sharing about their 3-ingredient Piñon Healing Salve I was hooked! “Me! Me! I want some!!!”

Upon arrival my kids quickly stole my raw quartz crystal and ran away to add it to their stone/rock collections (boo), but the smell drew me in so I quickly forgot all about their antics!  Everything about this healing salve is soothing, from the smell, to the feel, to it’s uses!  I know this is going to be in my household necessities list for a long time!

Give Wild Obscura Piñon Healing Salve as a gift this holiday season! Sure, it’s a healing salve, but have you seen it? It’s beautiful, handmade, and has more uses than just soothing boo boos! Learn more below.

Wild Obscura Healing Salve

About Wild Obscura:

“From the first time I stepped into our little forest, I’ve dreamt of it’s potential. The abundance of resources and opportunities to teach my children and my dear friends the art of wildcraft is awe-inspiring.⁣

This is where I became enamored with the Piñon Pine. These trees produce a heavenly scent; creating the most amazing sensory experience. Transporting you to a landscape of desert and cotton candy skies. This is home.⁣

Our 3 ingredient salve is made simply and adorned with raw quartz crystals dug with our very own hands from the mines of Arkansas.”

Piñon pine pitch has been used by the indigenous people of the Southwest for centuries. The benefits of Piñon Pitch Salve are pure magic and is often used for psoriasis, eczema, bug bites, boils/skin eruptions, splinters, severely dry skin, sore + overworked muscles, and irritated/infected skin.


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8 thoughts on “Wild Obscura Piñon Healing Salve

  • This is something I’d love to have. Thanks for the review.

  • This is definitely something I need, especially with all the harsh soap and hand sanitizer I’ve been using lately.

  • I’ve never heard of this. My hands and feet get so dry in the winter, especially now that I use so much hand sanitizer. This would be great.

  • I have never heard of this healing salve before, but it sounds like a great product to have around the house.

  • I would like to try this. Pinon smells really good.

  • Winter is always so rough on my hands. This would be really helpful!

  • This sounds like an amazing healing salve, I definitely want to try it now! I have never heard of this brand, thank you so much for sharing. Pinon Pine sounds like an incredible tree too!


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