Easy Christmas Lunch for the Kids!

Between the five a.m. big breakfast and the Christmas dinner, comes a point where the little ones get hungry.  Unlike the adults who will gladly skip lunch to save room for the Christmas dinner, kids need to eat, want to eat, and will demand food at some point in the middle of the day whether we plan to feed them or not.  Plan to feed your kids lunch this Christmas with a light and fun dish.

Christmas Lunch for Kids

All you need…

…is two cups of your favorite pasta noodles, red & green food coloring, water, and two small pots.

Fill both pots midway with water.  Add several drops of red food coloring to one pot. Add several drops of green food coloring to the remaining pot of water.  Bring both pots of water to boil. Add one cup of noodles to each pot and cook according to the package directions.  Drain and rinse separately.  Toss together both colors with olive oil (or butter) and garlic.

Viola!  This quick lunch will keep the little ones happy and won’t take up too much time on your stove!

*Serve with pepper & parmesan cheese for the bigger bunch

Did you make too much?

If you made too much, that’s okay! Don’t let those noodles go to waste. Rinse the noodles a second time to remove the butter & garlic and add to a bigger bowl for sensory play!  Deliciously entertaining!

Do you normally cook lunch on Christmas?

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